Nearly 50 people lost around $75,000 in alleged Mexico national team tickets for the 2022 Qatar World Cup

The World Cup is a month away and thousands of fans are trying to fulfill the dream of seeing their team in Qatar 2022. One of the most followed teams in the World Cups is Mexico and some scammers take advantage of desperate fans for tournament tickets.

A subject by the name of Bernardo Benjamín Rebelo Oñate stole nearly 50 people and almost $75,000 dollars in alleged tickets for the Mexico games in Group C of Qatar 2022. One of those affected, Mario Urrea, was the one who denounced after being scammed with more than $5,000 dollars supposedly for the three games of the Mexican national team, according to the Milenio portal.

Urrea explained that he searched for the tickets through a Facebook group and the scammer Oñate appeared with official identifications that were verified by them and even showed an identification as a Celaya councillor. The scammer even went to the buyers’ house and took some of the money.

“Mainly because the price is unaffordable in the agencies, the overprice is high and a couple of tickets cost you $15,000 dollars, plus what you have to spend on food, etc., it becomes an unaffordable trip. I had already gone to some World Cups buying in these groups”, said Urrea.

There is a group of people who are putting together a case to be able to sue, but the cost of the lawyers means a greater expense, so they ask people to group together to have a class action case for generic fraud.

“We talked to some lawyers, the issue is to organize ourselves and the fees, because putting in more money to recover something costs us that process. The lawyers mention that the evidence qualifies for generic fraud, the lawyers tell us that the fees are high. There are people who have already made their complaints, but the idea is to have a generic fraud complaint”, he concluded.

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