GERMAN boxer Musa Yamak died during his fight against Ugandan veteran Hamza Wandera over the weekend after suffering a heart attack in the third round.

Turkish-born German boxer Musa Yamak collapsed in the ring at a small German show at the Buergerhaus, Garching, near Munich, after suffering a heart attack. Tributes have been paid to the fighter after the news of his death.

Yamak, who was undefeated in eight professional fights, faced Hamza Wandera (20-19, 3 KOs) on Saturday May 14, however after taking a heavy hit in the second round he returned for the third but collapsed. The canvas.

According to German reports, the 38-year-old tried to get out in the third round, but suddenly fell down and became unconscious. He was pronounced dead at the hospital after suffering a heart attack.

According BILDthe event was canceled after doctors slowly made their way to the ring following delays due to a large turnout of fans outside the venue.

A Munich police spokesman told BILD: “Paramedics saw turbulent scenes of emotionally charged fans and family members at the scene.

“To ensure the safety of the paramedics, we send out many patrols.

“Then we set up a protection corridor at the scene so the paramedics could work safely and conscientiously.”

Yamak turned pro in 2017 and slowly started to pick up some wins, but was unable to compete in any more professional fights due to the Covid pandemic.

However, his biggest victory came in his last fight when he won the WBFI title by knocking out Siarhei Huliakevich in November 2021.

Turkish National Assembly member Hasan Turan paid tribute to the Turkish-born fighter whom he met before the fight.

“We lost our compatriot Musa Askan Yamak, a boxer from Alucra, champion of Europe and Asia, after a heart attack”

“I wish God’s mercy for the deceased, whom we met at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey when he came to Ankara for the competition, and my condolences to his sad family and fans.”

In November, 24-year-old boxer Taurai Zimunya died in Zimbabwe after collapsing in the ring from exhaustion.

Zimunya reportedly suffered heavy blows during the third round of the fight.

He was rushed to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save his life.

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