Real Madrid Another victory led by the old guard at a delicate moment

El Real Madrid emerged from the crisis caused by the defeats to Athletic and the Alcoyano with a great game and a win against Alavs led by the old guard. Again, the heavy weights of the locker room slamming on the table to lift the flight from Zidane, more questioned than ever after losing two titles in six days. This time the head of the coach was not in danger immediately, but his future is increasingly questioned for the next season and his players showed that they are not willing to let him fall so easily. “There is a lot of league left,” he warned Benzema.

The robe has been repeating itself for the last two years. Every time the French is on a tightrope, the team gets up with a display. It happened last season in the Champions League, beating Galatasaray, and began this course in October when the whites visited the Camp Nou after falling before him Cdiz and the Shakhtar. Ultimtum to Zidane … and Madrid victory by 1-3 in the Clsico. Great choral performance of the team and protagonism of classics such as Benzema, Ramos and Luka Modric.

LaLiga Santander (J20): Summary and goals of Alavs 1-4 Real Madrid

Again the Shakhtar I would put Madrid in a fight in December, leaving him on the ropes in the Champions League. At that moment, Zidane’s position was in real danger. But the players again came to his rescue. Zizou entrusted his position to the old guard and it responded by winning the Seville, Gladbach and Atltico consecutively. Madrid picked up speed of crossing until in the last game of the year they stumbled against Elche.

The start of the year has not been as expected. A draw before Osasuna in a frozen field they took him a little further away from LaLiga’s head and then came the defeats against him Athletic and the Alcoyano to plunge the team into the third crisis of the season. But again the Benzema, Modric, Kroos, Lucas and company have appeared to make it clear to the technician that they are going to give everything until the end of the season and that they are not going to let him down.

Goal by Benzema (0-2) at Alavs 1-4 Real Madrid

The old guard works like a charm for Zidane, something that does not happen with the less common. The French coach has more problems with them on and off the pitch. Because when they play they don’t give them the results they expect and because the relationship of many of them with the technician is not ideal. Jovic left, Odegaard is about to do it, Macelo, Isco, Militao, Odriozola and Vincius are not entirely happy with their role in the team … The hard core responds and supports the technician, but the less usual feel disconnected from the team. day to day and from the coach.

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