Squeezie GP Explorer: Is a second edition possible?

Squeezie GP Explorer: Is a second edition possible?

News culture Squeezie GP Explorer: Is a second edition possible?

Squeezie’s GP Explorer ended with an all-time high of 1 million viewers on Twitch. So inevitably, such a success questions us about a potential sequel.

Impossible to miss: the GP Explorer held this Saturday, October 8 on the 24h circuit of Le Mans met with an incredible wind of popularity. This great Formula 4 race organized by none other than Squeezie invited 22 creators of flagship content and crowned Sylvain Levy from the Vilbrequin channel, first at the finish. The historic event ended with a record number of Twitch France viewers with more than 1 million spectators when 37,000 supporters were already there.. A figure worthy of a Formula 1 Grand Prix, the event having made even more noise than the LOSC RC Lens football match held this weekend. Everything was totally supervised by the FFSA, the French Motor Sport Federation. Months of training took place with theoretical and practical lessons, but also simulator and kart sessions before the 22 content creators even had the right to get into their single-seater. Finally today, the simulations have become so realistic that one can imagine that they will one day make gamers real Formula 1 drivers capable of organizing their own events. Squeezie hopes that the initiative will soon give life to a “incubator” :

Competitions like that between amateurs are fun but I think you also have to stay in your place. And I also think in the long term, I would like it to become an incubator for real drivers who would really go and do a season in F4. Motorsport is very expensive to train. A season in F4 costs like 200,000 euros a year, so these are people who are often financed by sponsors or who come from privileged backgrounds. So in the long term it would be cool if it became an event that could give access to it to people who can’t afford it – Squeezie at Ouest France.

A second edition of GP Explorer possible?

After such a success, can we expect a new edition of GP Explorer? For the time being, nothing is yet affirmed or implied. “I hope we will all relive moments as beautiful as this together.“simply loose Squeezie in a word of thanks on Instagram. However, it is difficult to imagine that the great adventure of Formula 4 ends in such a good way. At the end of the event, host Doigby dropped these very evocative words: “See you next year !”. Anyway, the participants already seem seduced by the idea of ​​returning to the event next year. Depielo, second on the podium, even suggests the idea of ​​moving to Formula 3 to renew the formula.

Let’s not forget that organizing such an event is clearly not an easy task: it took colossal means of production, 2 years of preparation to develop this competition and 3 million euros to complete everything following the fire. green from the French Federation of Motorsport regarding the feasibility of the project. And so if Squeezie opts for a new casting next year, it will be necessary to train all these beautiful people again. It remains to be seen what Squeezie says about it.

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