This weekend a new installment of the Madrid derby is being played. It does so at a key moment for both teams, as they occupy the top two positions in the standings and are only separated by three points (Atlético with one game less).

It will surely leave us unforgettable moments, such as the six goals that we review here and that are already in the memory of the fans of both teams.

Seedorf in 1997 (Real Madrid)

The Dutchman made one of the most spectacular goals of the Madrid derbies. It was in a duel at the Santiago Bernabéu in 1997 when Seedorf received a ball on the right wing at the height of the center of the field and a shot was taken, from more than 40 meters, that surprised Molina, who was ahead.

A great goal that is always remembered when an Atlético-Real Madrid approaches.

Albertini in 2003 (Athletic)

It was in 2003 when the Italian Albertini had on his right foot to be able to tie the derby with a direct free kick in the 95th minute. Real Madrid won 2-1 at the Santiago Bernabéu, thanks to two goals from Figo, but the rojiblanco achieved the tie with a goal from a direct free kick by the squad.

Casillas did not arrive and, after the goal, the referee signaled the end of the game with a draw on the scoreboard. A point that knew a victory for Luis Aragonés.

Raúl in 1997 (Real Madrid)

The ‘7’ madridista has been one of the great executioners of the Atléticos during his time at Real Madrid. He scored his first goal for the rojiblancos with the white jersey, but in the memory of the fans there was another: the one he scored in 1997 at the Vicente Calderón.

He picked up the ball at the peak of the area and, before three rivals, He made several cuts to Juanma López, whom he left sitting on the ground, to beat Molina from below and almost without an angle. That goal was the consecration of a player who would mark an era at Real Madrid.

Fernando Torres in 2007 (Atlético)

Torres had eight derbies and he had never scored a goal against the capital’s eternal rival. However, that goal, which was so much expected at the Calderón, came in 2007.

Galletti emerged from the right wing and put the ball to ‘Niño’, who from, practically, the front of the area took a right to the long stick that ended up in the nets of the goal of Casillas.

Calderón’s cry after the goal, according to police sources, exceeded 100 decibels and could be heard two kilometers around the rojiblanco stadium. A noise similar to a rock concert and unbearable for a person if it occurs indoors.

Ronaldo in 2003 (Real Madrid)

It is the fastest goal in the history of Madrid derbies. At 14 “, Ronaldo Nazario received a pass from Roberto Carlos in three quarters of the court, made a ‘spout’ to Simeone and beat ‘Mono’ Burgos by stinging and subtly crossing the ball. A goal that put a derby on track before it many will sit in his armchair, it is history.

Saúl in 2015 (Athletic)

Between the final and the final of the Champions League, Atlético and Real Madrid met in the league in 2015 at the Vicente Calderón. The game ended 4-0 in favor of Simeone’s team, who gave their fans a win, among which a Chilean goal from Saúl stood out.

It was 2-0 and the Spaniard took advantage of a play by Siqueira on the right to finish off in this acrobatic way and beat Casillas. That day everything came out for Atlético and is part of the collective imagination of the rojiblancos in the capital derbies.

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