Tennis player Rafa Nadal used his social networks to announce that he tested positive for coronavirus : an infection that occurred during his recent stay in Abu Dhabi, where he competed in an exhibition tournament and met with the emeritus king of Spain, Juan Carlos I .

The athlete acknowledged on Twitter that he is going through “unpleasant moments”, but did not give too many details about his health.

The athlete learned of his positive diagnosis shortly after arriving in Spain, where he underwent a PCR test. As the protocol dictates, Nadal is now isolated at home and coping with the symptoms as well as possible.

“I am going through some unpleasant moments but I trust that I will improve little by little. Now I am confined at home and I informed the people who have been in contact with me of the result,” Nadal said.

In addition to spending a pleasant time with Felipe VI’s father , the tennis player was previously measured on the court with the British Andy Murray, who beat him in two sets.

“I will keep you informed of any decisions about my future tournaments. I need to talk to my team, see how my body responds after these days. Thank you all in advance for the support and understanding,” Rafa Nadal added in his statement.

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