Where did Michael, Trevor and Franklin end up after the story of GTA 5? We provide you with all the information.

GTA 5 is now over eight years old, but hasn’t received a single single-player release since its original release. Even so, the story became the playable protagonist Franklin, Trevor and Michael continued – in the multiplayer mode of the game GTA Online.

What exactly from the three heroes from Grand Theft Auto 5, the latest update now reveals The Contract. All information about the new story missions, weapons and cars can be found in the following overview.

How GTA Online continues the GTA 5 story

Simultaneously prequel and sequel: GTA Online plays partially before, parallel to and after the plot of GTA 5. Again and again there were overlaps and cross-references between single and multiplayer, for example by returning familiar characters or referring to certain events of the story mode. There were a few contradictions as to when exactly what should have happened.

New update as a clear continuation: The Contract is now clearly a continuation of the events of GTA 5. The plot of the latest expansion takes place a few years after the end of the single player campaign and now mainly continues the story of Franklin Clinton. But Trevor and Michael are also mentioned, which is how we find out what happened to the other two GTA-5 protagonists.

There was a first reunion with Franklin Clinton in the trailer for The Contract.

GTA Online Trailer introduces the new story update with The Contract

Which ending is canon?

Three possible endings: First of all, of course, we should clarify which end of the GTA 5 story is canon. In the story finale, fans of the game have the choice of killing Trevor or Michael – or doing something together with both and Franklins Death wish to deliver.

Death wish is trump: Even before the release of The Contract, there were clear indications in GTA Online that the third of the three possible endings of GTA 5 is canon – so Franklin, Michael and Trevor all survive. For example, that Ron keeps mentioning Trevor or the Cayo Perico Heist makes Trevor’s affair with Patricia Madrazo relevant again.

The Diamond Casino Update also features Tao Cheng, the son of Wei Cheng, who falls victim to Michael’s murder plot in the C-end. Tao Cheng personally mentions the same shootout at the Los Santos beach house that does not take place in the other two ends.

Last but not least, a few lines of dialogue from Lester allude to the death wish ending as canon, while Michael’s son Jimmy also plays a role in the Diamond Casino update – which means that the DeSantas are still based in Los Santos. An official artwork by Rockstar Games is also understood as an indication that Michael, Trevor and Franklin survive the death wish ending together.

A similar scene only occurs in the C end of GTA 5's single player campaign.
A similar scene only occurs in the C end of GTA 5’s single player campaign.


Franklin as a family man and businessman: Of course, we learn most about Franklin’s career after the end of GTA 5 in the course of The Contract. After all, as a player, we finance his agency, which is committed to solving the problems of famous personalities – such as Dr. Dre. In the process, we learn that he has invested his millions wisely and started a legitimate career as a businessman.

The Contract also reveals that Franklin has started a family: Franklin’s ex-Tanisha from story mode eventually became Mrs. Clinton and they have children together. This is not only mentioned in various dialogues, at Franklin’s house in the open world, for example, there are also indications on the doorbell and license plates, while a children’s playground can be seen in the garden.

And of course Franklin still has to deal with his buddy Lamar, while the dog Chop remains loyal to him – even if he is no longer the youngest.


Michael in Hollywood: In the course of The Contract, Franklin personally confirms that Michael is still alive and well and continues to pursue his dream as a film producer. As soon as we start the VIP assignment, in the course of which we Dr. Having to retrieve Dr’s stolen phone, we start a chase with golf karts and race through the Los Santos film studio.

Franklin mentions that he would know one of the producers working there and he hopes that he is not there at the moment. In the later course of the story of GTA 5 Michael pursues exactly such a career and thus fulfills a lifelong dream, which is why Franklin’s allusion is clear. Incidentally, we also meet Michael’s partner Solomon in GTA Online if we want to recover his stolen film props.


Trevor does what Trevor does: The allusion to Trevor is hidden even better in The Contract: One of your assistants in the agency reports about someone who tried to contact Franklin. The announcement that Franklin was not available at the moment, however, did not take this someone too well and threatened to relieve himself on the reception desk. What if that doesn’t sound like Trevor?

Trevor was of course a part of previous updates from GTA Online – such as the Series A Funding Heist. There’s even a hidden dialogue with Franklin where he tells you that you’ve worked with Trevor before.

What references to Michael, Trevor and also Franklin’s career after the end of the story of GTA 5 did you notice? Have we forgotten something? Let us know in the comments!

Everything you should know about The Contract

The Contract is available as the latest update for GTA Online since December 15, 2021. Of course we have a few helpful articles and guides ready for you. We’ll explain all the functions and upgrades of the new property to you. We’ll also tell you where you can find the new weapons and what they can do. Last but not least, we have a list of all the new cars for you.

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