Neymar was sent off after arriving late to a dispute for the ball and later simulating a foul inside the rival area

Neymar Jr., the Brazilian star of PSG, was sent off this Wednesday during the PSG match against Strasburg for Ligue 1 in France after receiving a pair of yellow cards. each just two minutes apart.

It was running at minute 61 ′ when Neymar received the first card for a strong tackle that he made by a rival in the middle of the field, when he arrived at the wrong time for the ball.

What no one expected is that less than two minutes later Neymar went looking for a filtered ball and when he went to meet the central defender he preferred to dive to seek the maximum penalty.

Given this, the main player in the match, Clement Turpin, did not hesitate to show the second yellow card and send Neymar off for the first time since a year and a half, when he also saw the red card.

On that occasion, on April 31, 2021, Neymar left before the end of the game in PSG’s defeat against Lille (0-1), also for receiving two yellow cards and the second of them in 90.

These are two of Neymar’s five expulsions with PSG. The previous three correspond to a match against Olympique Marseille in 2020 and another two in 2020 and 2017 against Bordeaux.

Throughout his professional career, the talented player was sent off seven other times, five of them with Santos, one with the Brazilian team and another with Barcelona.

Despite the expulsion, Neymar had been one of the most incisive of his team and on a couple of occasions he left elastics that fell in love with all those present in the Parc des Princes in Paris.

In summary, Kylian Mbappé was responsible for rescuing the 2-1 victory for PSG with a goal in the 96th minute.

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