Messi insulted an English legend after signing for PSG

Messi insulted an English legend after signing for PSG

Curious anecdote that Jamie Carragher , legend of Liverpool and English football, and who today acts as a regular commentator of the Premier League matches on Sky Sports , has told in the last few hours . The former British soccer player starred in a funny clash with Lionel Messi through social networks, last summer, just after the man from Rosario left Barcelona in a forced way.

Carragher then criticized his signing for Paris Saint-Germain , understanding that it was not a good move for the Parisian club to pay so much money in salaries and commissions to a footballer who, despite continuing to be the best in the world, is already on the straight end of his sports career.

The outburst of the Flea

Well, apparently Messi sent Carragher a direct message on Instagram in which he called him “donkey” for his comments. “It was on Monday Night Football and I received a private message on Instagram. I’m not going to show private messages, but basically he called me a donkey,” the former Liverpool player recounted in the latest edition of the program, causing laughter from everyone present.

Carragher continued to narrate the story as collaborator Gary Neville and host Dave Jones couldn’t help but laugh as the former  Reds man also took it with humor. “Messi watches Monday Night Football , so I hope he is also watching Friday Night Football today because Lionel, I love you completely . You are the best player of all time and, of course, if I compare myself with you, of course I was a donkey.”

Carragher’s new dart

An amusing anecdote that does not hide, however, another small gesture by Carragher that could well be conceived as a vendetta against Messi . And it is that, after explaining his altercation with the Argentine, all the talk show hosts made their  ideal eleven for  the year 2021 and  Carragher did not want to put Messi there: “It is not enough to have won the Copa América , I cannot leave my ‘Mo’ Salah out of the ideal team,” he argued.

We will see if Messi , in case he has seen the last edition of the program, will return or not to an English football legend that he knows very well after the confrontations that both lived between England-Argentina and Barça-Liverpool . Either way, better take it as a joke.

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