He is not the highest paid driver on the grid, but his merits suggest that it will not take long to be one. Max Verstappen, at 24 years old, is living a very sweet moment in his sports career since he has just been proclaimed Formula 1 world champion after an agonizing last race in which he beat Lewis Hamilton in extremis, not without controversy.

In any case, the Dutchman, who maintains a relationship with Kelly Piquet, daughter of Nelson Piquet, a historical Brazilian pilot, enjoys a comfortable life full of luxuries thanks to a salary that this year can bring him up to 36 million euros with the objectives stipulated in his contract with Red Bull.

Verstappen, who is presumed to have a fortune of more than 50 million euros, lives in an exclusive apartment in Monaco valued at 15 million, although on a rental basis, in the same building as other drivers such as Felipe Massa and Daniel Ricciardo. And the fact is that the principality is characterized by offering those residents who meet certain requirements some very sweet tax advantages for large fortunes.

In addition, it has an impressive collection of vehicles in which several stand out Aston Martin and which will soon be joined by a new model of the brand, the Valkyrie, valued at more than two million euros. Obviously, Verstappen also drives cars of the brand Honda, manufacturer that supplies the engines to your team.

In the same way, he has been seen enjoying sport boats or a jet ski customized with the colors of Red Bull and its number 33, which will be leaving next season.

As if that were not enough, the brand new Formula 1 champion has among his belongings a Falcon-900EX, a private jet that he acquired second-hand last year for the not inconsiderable amount of 14 million euros – plus a million a year in maintenance – that belonged to the magnate Richard Branson, owner of Virgin.

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