Jurgen Klopp spoke at a conference this Friday and could not avoid being asked about last week’s episode in the match against Crystal Palace, when Uruguayan Darwin Núñez was sent off for a header on a rival.

The German coach acknowledged that he had a talk with former Benfica and ruled out a similar situation repeating itself. “We are human beings and we all made mistakes in our lives and we will make mistakes in our lives again, but then you have to move on,” he said.

Regarding the conversation with the Uruguayan, he explained: “Of course we talked to Darwin, his reaction is like all reactions in that type of situation. (He) was very disappointed with himself, obviously, because of what had happened.”

“We spoke with him, about the things that the center-back did, he is not the only player in the world who does this kind of thing. It is a bit like that, if someone makes that mistake and you tell him that he should not have done it, his response is that You know. It’s about emotions, it’s about all these kinds of things.”

Finally, Klopp acknowledged that it was something new for him to have to face this type of talk, since Liverpool is a fairly clean team. “We’ve never had a situation like this here before, that’s why I’m not an expert on these talks because I didn’t need to have them that often,” he said.

“But (Darwin) apologized, which is absolutely fine. We told him there’s no need [to be] walking around with your head down, being miserable, things like this. That’s it. We’re human beings, it happened once and it’s fine,” he closed.

Liverpool will return to action this Monday in the classic against Manchester United, although Darwin Núñez will have to watch him from the stalls due to his suspension.

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