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Double gale at the Monte Carlo Rally. On one hand, The strong winds have destroyed a good part of the facilities of the participating teams. On the other hand, it has been discovered that two employees of a ‘catering’ company that operated in several teams, they falsified their PCR tests, which has created quite a controversy.

The wind has wreaked havoc on the Gap service park tonight. With gusts that have exceeded 100 kilometers per hour, the previous roar already warned the occupants of the tents, who have seen powerless how many of them were blown up. And it has not only affected the most modest teams, but also the officials. So much Toyota and Ford have suffered damage to their facilities. Hyundai no, because it has a building to give assistance to their cars. Of course, they need a week to assemble it.

The other ‘hurricane wind’ that swept through the rally on Friday night is the falsification of the PCRs of two employees of the catering company MCL, which is the one that feeds the Ford team or the World Cup promoter, among others. As explained by its manager, Pawel Blum, an air delay made the PCR of two of its operators lose the validity, and they decided to falsify the date so they could get into the service park bubble. When discovered they were expelled on Thursday, and luckily in the PCR carried out on Friday both were negative. The company has been sanctioned with a six-month suspension from the championship.

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