How to configure your TV to enjoy the best image quality during the World Cup in Qatar 2022

How to configure your TV to enjoy the best image quality during the World Cup in Qatar 2022

2022/11/25 at 9:44 pm
2022/11/25 at 9:44 pm

Manually calibrating your TV can help you live the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches with a better image and sound experience

Having a 4K television may not be enough to be able to enjoy the Qatar 2022 World Cup in the best possible way . It is very likely that your TV is in a preset mode that does not give you the best audio and video experience in order to get the most out of your TV .

For many people, this is explained by the fact that they usually buy a good TV and then connect it to start using it without going through all the additional functions that come with the equipment.

This includes, among other things, factors such as color tone, image quality, and even preset modes that can help sports content look and sound better .

Below we explain everything you must configure to enjoy the Qatar 2022 World Cup with your TV in the best possible way:

1. Preset modes

Most of the newer televisions come with pre-defined settings modes that when you change them simultaneously change the way you see and hear content on a TV .

Your TV may have a preset mode called sport or dynamic that offers a better experience for enjoying content such as a football game. It should be noted that the more expensive the TV is, it will have a greater quantity and quality of predefined modes .

2. Movement smoothing

Another of the elements that the user can modify on his TV, at least in a good part of them, is the smoothing of movements. This is an algorithm that is responsible for establishing the sharpness with which objects are seen when they move at high speed .

The name of this function usually varies depending on the brand of TV that the person has. In some cases it can be mentioned as MotionFlow, Motion Plus, AquoMotion and TruMotion .

3. Sound

In the sound section, users can mainly determine two aspects. The first of these is to set the sound mode on your TV since many equipments allow you to select a “sports” audio mode , which generally increases the volume of the sound.

The second aspect that can be configured is whether the sound output is mono, stereo, or surround, the latter being the best option of all since it offers greater audio depth. This translates into a more immersive sound quality for the user.

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