Argentine star Lionel Messi will face his second World Cup final, where he will try to further expand his goalscoring records and achieve glory.

Argentina’s number 10, Lionel Messi, will have one last chance to win the World Cup, after four attempts where he has not been able to achieve it, with Brazil 2014 being the closest he came to becoming Champion.

Messi at the age of 35 has played four World Cups, beginning his career in Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022. Where in each edition he has played he has seen how he has grown as a footballer through such a point of leaving the band where he played in his youth and becoming the axis of the Argentine attack.

Lionel, despite being a goalscorer at the club level and the Argentine National Team, his history in World Cups has not been as fruitful as he would like. Since, in four disputed editions, the Argentine forward does not exceed 10 annotations. However, in his fifth appearance, Messi has already scored three goals, which puts him at nine goals in the World Cup.

Goals in the World Cups

Germany 2006

A young Lionel Messi faced the first World Cup, where he managed to play three games and would score a goal, his debut scoring goal in the World Cups. His scoring average this time was 0.33

South Africa 2010

A more offensive Leo Messi came to African lands to face the 2010 World Cup, Leo arrived as a true scorer who unfortunately failed to reflect it in this World Cup since he did not score any goals.

Brazil 2014

This World Cup would be the best for Messi in terms of goals, since he would score four goals in seven games played, having a goalscoring average of 0.57. This World Cup would be the best for Leo since he would reach the final and stay close to lifting the coveted trophy. With his four goals Messi would be in the third position of scorers only two goals below James Rodríguez.

Russia 2018

The Argentine team would arrive in Russia with a very consolidated Leo, in this edition Messi would play four games in which he would score only one goal. This goal meant the classification to the round of 16 for the Argentine team.

Qatar 2022

Messi knows that this will be his last chance to become World Champion, which is why he started the contest plugged in and thirsty for victory, in six games played he has managed to score five times.

Goals table

Germany 2006 = 1 goal
South Africa 2010 = 0 goals
Brazil 2014 = 4 goals
Russia 2018 = 1 goal
Qatar 2022 = 5 goals

*Table updated before the match against Australia

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