Erling Haaland starred in one of the images of the weekend in the duel that faced his team, the Borussia Dortmund, against Colonia. The Norwegian scored two goals but saw how, minutes later, the rival tied the game. At half-time he left angry with the team, but his worst moment came with the final whistle. He walked down the locker room tunnel without speaking to anyone. His ugliest gesture was with Jorge here, who had asked for the shirt during the game. Haaland removed it and tossed it at him from a distance, not even looking at his face or picking up his.

On his first day with the Norwegian team, which will train in Marbella for the next two weeks, he wanted to apologize for what happened and explain the situation. “I was very angry after the game. I had a bad attitude throwing the jersey to the player who had asked for it. I apologize for that. I was out of control because I was very angry“, he assured the press.

His attitude has generated a debate. There are who praise what happened arguing that Haaland demonstrates its high level of competitiveness. On the contrary, the most reticent assure that there are lines that should not be crossed. His gesture has gone around the world and has caused a division of opinions.

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