The desire to win. “You live better when you win. But when you win it’s addictive and you want to win more. When you win titles you want to win more. And you never get tired of that. What motivates me? The fear of losing a game. I would change now. same for a player to win again on the field of play. When you are a footballer you share it with all your teammates, when you are a coach it is different. During the 90 minutes our influence is minimal. We can shout and move our arms, but it is minimal. I felt it, I had the ball at my feet, I was able to control the game, the pleasure of winning as a player and as a coach is incomparable,” said Guardiola.

Premier League classification. “Six weeks ago we were not candidates for anything and now we are. In a month everything changes a lot.”

Performance: “We have been a bit inconsistent at the beginning of the season. In some games we have been more comfortable and in others we have had to fight to the end. Our next target is Burnley.”

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