With the latest Fortnite update that took place this morning, a whole new game mode has emerged, one that is centered around the character of the Mandalorian. But more importantly, this mode allows you to win an umbrella skin for free!

On paper, to win the Beksar Umbrella, there is not much to do, just make a Top 1 on Mando’s Contract mode. yes, but the question is how does fashion work and that’s what we’ll see together.

When you get to the map, you have 200 points and three lives. With each death, you lose your points and a life. If you run out of life, it’s over and you can start a game over. On the other hand, if you kill an opponent you get his points back.

Make a Top 1 easily

To win a game of Mando’s Contract, you must either have the most points at the end of the allotted time or reach the 50,000 point mark. To win, there’s no point in hurrying too much, better keep your lives and wait for an opponent to get closer to victory.

Once it’s done, open your map and you will see the first three players in terms of points indicated above. Head towards them and kill them at the right time to pocket the jackpot in terms of points and thus win the game easily. You will also see a blue target on the map, this is the Mandalorian.

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