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Granada returns to La Rosaleda, the field where his life changed

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The derby or rivalry match is back, whatever you like to call it, older and more special for Malaga and Granada (follow the match live on As.com). The Los Cármenes team returns to La Rosaleda just over two years after their last visit, which resulted in a momentous 0-1 victory. A goal scored by Montoro that changed the destiny of the two teams, that of Granada for the better because they were promoted to the First Division and later qualified for Europe; Malaga’s for the worse because he stayed in Second, he suffered to stay and not disappear, in addition to suffering the boredom, frustration and weariness of having to bear the nonsense of its absurd owner, Sheikh Al Thani until, happily, he was removed by court order. Now they meet again in the Cup in what will be nothing less than the 30th game for the Grenadians in his intense campaign and with the people of Malaga who are most aware of their salvation, both sports and institutional.

Despite the fact that the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) does allow the public and the Junta de Andalucía authorizes a percentage not exceeding 50% of the capacity in open-air shows, this match will be at door closed. Málaga has not requested the presence of spectators and the Andalusian government has not advised it. The bad data in relation to the third wave of coronavirus does not exactly invite festivals. Prudence. These are not good times and health is what matters.

The fact that this duel takes place on Sunday will help Malaga to take it with ambition, but without pressure. He knows that where the bread is played is in the league. Sergio Pellicer It does not have so much closet depth as to put what is now called a second unit and previously alternates. Iván Calero, Matos, Benkhemassa and the players with a subsidiary file Julio and Hicham continue with their different recovery processes from their injuries. It is likely that the coach will put Juan Soriano in his starting eleven, well recovered from his blow to the knee. In addition, footballers like Alexander González or Chavarría can use it very well to add minutes. Orlando Sá, who confessed to having rejected an offer from Wilsa de Cracovia, will once again lead the Malaguista attack.

Jorge Molina, a benchmark in attack

Diego Martínez, of course, will rotate because the unstoppable rhythm of matches does not stop. This Sunday against Malaga, on Wednesday in Villarreal and on Sunday, they have to go to Pamplona. In the goal it will be Aarón, who played his first minutes with Málaga on a distant November 15, 2014 in a friendly played at La Rosaleda against Córdoba. Since then this goalkeeper from Carcagente (Valencia), very good at playing with his feet and an excellent penalty taker, has improved a lot in the shadow of Rui Silva, the titular goalkeeper (with ballots not to continue in Los Cármenes and with proposals from Italy and the Premier).

Granada Shield / Flag

Granada, who remained at the gates of playing the final after falling in extremis against Athletic, will put players like Pepe Sánchez to the right side, minutes for Montoro, Luis Milla, Kenedy O Serum and of course, Jorge Molina. The eternal scorer, who has scored in all three competitions, still has the fine trigger at his incredible 38th years (he will turn 39 in April and there you have him, so fresh). Gonalons, Quini and Víctor Díaz, who suffer from different ailments, have stayed at home. Foulquier, who gave a sovereign scare in the run-up to Osasuna because he fell out of the lineup due to an allergic reaction of which he is perfectly restored is among the expeditionaries.

Málaga eliminated Oviedo with a goal from Chavarría in the 118th minute, almost at the end of the extra time, almost the same as Granada against Leonesa where Machís saved him from penalties in the 116th minute. Do not be surprised if we have extra time again.

Aces to follow

Malaga. Escassi. Well placed player with ease to join the attack. Possibly, it will act in the center of the field.
Pomegranate. Jorge Molina. The veteran and eternal rocker will act as a reference in attack. An expert in scoring decisive goals.,

Party details

Alexander González. The Venezuelan can have minutes. It is not ruled out that Pellicer uses him as a left back as the day of his debut against Oviedo in this KO tournament.

Machís. Diego Martínez may not put him in the starting squad, but will use him as a trigger if things get tough during the game.

Intensity. It is always said that teams leave all their energies for the tournament of regularity. This does not seem likely to happen this Sunday.

Goal chances. We use this section too many times when we talk about Malaga. But it is an adventure to generate opportunities.ç

Ups and downs

Malaga. Sergio Pellicer gives the call before the game. Loss due to injury to Calero, Benkhemasa ,, Matos and Hicham

Pomegranate. Diego has not called up Rui Silva, Gonalons, Germán, Azeez, Víctor Díaz and Quini.

Possible alignments

Málaga (blue and white shirt and blue pants): 1 Juan Soriano; 26 Ismael, 2 Josua Mejías, 5 Juande, 22 Alexander González; 23 Escassi, 30 Ramón Enríquez; 11 Joaquín Muñoz, 19 Jozabed, 10 Jairo; and 9 Orlando Sá.
Alternates. 13 Dani Barrio, 4 Lombán, 26 Ale Benítez, 32 Alberto Quintana, 12 Chavarría, 17 Yanis, 7 Cristian Rodríguez, 8 Luis Muñoz and 20 Caye Quintana.

Granada (red shirt and pants): 13 Aarón Escandell; 28 Pepe Sánchez, 2 Vallejo, 3 Nehuén, 15 Carlos Neva; 19 Montoro, 8 Eteki, 5 Luis Milla; 10 Antonio Puertas, 23 Jorge Molina and 24 Kenedy.
Alternates. 35 Joao Andorinha, 2 Foulquier, 22 Domingos Duarte, 7 Luis Suárez, 11 Machís, 14 Fede Vico, 21 Yangel Herrera, 26 Soro and 9 Soldado.

The Rose Garden (12:00 hours, DAZN)

Referee: From Cerro Grande (Madrid).

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