With the first stage of Eurobasket 2022 over, this weekend the round of 16 will take place in Cologne, Germany, in which 16 teams compete to be among the best eight in a tournament that has had no surprises so far and all the candidates follow their lead. way to the coronation, although only one will achieve it. In Argentina, five of the eight matches scheduled for Saturday and Sunday can be seen through DirecTV Sports 2 and the DirecTV Go digital platform.

  • In the first stage, the teams faced each other in their respective groups in one round. The matches were played at four different venues. The first four of the standings advanced to the round of 16, where those from zone A meet those from zone B and those from zone C meet zone D. Those who win that instance will go into the quarterfinals, then into semifinals and, finally, in the definition.
  • The most winners of the Eurobasket are two extinct countries: the Soviet Union raised the trophy 14 times and Yugoslavia, eight. The Balkans also managed five runners-up. The last winner was, in 2017, Slovenia.
The Eurobasket 2022 playoff table was formed in this way

The Eurobasket 2022 playoff table was formed in this way

How to watch the Eurobasket 2022 round of 16

DirecTV has the broadcasting rights for the championship matches in Argentina and broadcasts them live on television through DirecTV Sports and its digital platform DirecTV Go.

In the round of 16, five of the eight matches that will be played this weekend in Cologne can be seen in Argentina: Turkey-France, Slovenia-Belgium, Germany-Montenegro, Finland-Croatia and Serbia-Italy. Spain-Lithuania, Ukraine-Poland and Greece-Czech Republic are not broadcast live.

Saturday September 10

  • 7: Turkey-France.
  • 9.45: Slovenia-Belgium.
  • 13: Germany-Montenegro.

Sunday September 11

  • 9.45: Finland-Croatia.
  • 13: Serbia-Italy.

*The schedules correspond to Argentina.

The candidates for the title

There are several teams that aspire to the title, especially those that lead NBA figures. Slovenia aims to retain the crown won in 2017 and it is not easy against rivals such as France, the last silver medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games; Serbia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Croatia and Lithuania.

  • According to the third and last FIBA ​​Power Ranking that was published on August 30, in which the best positioned teams to win the title are ranked, the first place is occupied by the Serbian team, which rose four positions with respect to to the second installment.
  • Behind are the Slovenian and Greek teams while France fell from second to fifth place and was behind Lithuania. The list is closed by Germany (+2), Spain, champion in three of the last ten editions and on the podium in nine of them; and Italy (+1).
Volume three of the FIBA Power Rankings has Serbia as the main candidate

Volume three of the FIBA Power Rankings has Serbia as the main candidate

In addition, FIBA ​​conducted a survey of journalists from media accredited to Eurobasket 2022 -most of them from the Old Continent- who were consulted about the possible candidates for champion and being on the podium. In the first, France and Slovenia were the main favorites for the title with 30.4% of the votes, ahead of Greece, which added 15.2%. Further behind were Serbia (12.7%) and Lithuania along with Spain (3.8%).

Among the teams that would be among the first three places, the one with the highest revenues was Slovenia with 74.7% of the votes, even ahead of France (62%). Serbia is third (55.7%) followed by Greece (48.1%), Spain (26.6%), Lithuania (12.7%), Germany (6.3%) and Turkey (5.1%). . All are in the round of 16 and aspire to the title.

This was the first stage of Eurobasket 2022

Zone A was dominated by Spain, the favourite, with four wins and one loss to Belgium 83-73. The Belgian cast advanced because they placed fourth and so did Turkey as second and Montenegro as third. Bulgaria and Georgia, which was local because the games were played in Tbilisi, came in fifth and sixth place, respectively, and were eliminated.

The B was played in Cologne, Germany, and the local took advantage of the locality to place second behind Luka Doncic’s Slovenia. Both left with a record of four wins and one loss, but the Slovenians smiled in the match against each other. Third was France and fourth, Lithuania, who won a key match against Bosnia and Herzegovina to get out of the “group of death” alive. The Bosnians and Hungary were eliminated.

The positions of the four Eurobasket groups in the first stage

The positions of the four Eurobasket groups in the first stage

In group C, the favourite, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Greece, won all five of their games and led over Ukraine, Croatia and Italy, who achieved a mark of three wins and two losses and their final positions were defined by points difference as a result of that they all won. Estonia and Great Britain did not pass.

The other undefeated player in the tournament was in D and is Nikola Jokic’s Serbia, who won all five matches comfortably and met the forecasts. Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic ranked behind the Balkans and went through to the round of 16. Israel and the Netherlands ended their participation.

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