Angel Di Maria spoke into the microphones of ESPN to review his career, his possible return to Rosario Central, the adaptation of Messi or the performance of Pochettino at PSG.

America’s Cup 2021

“I think the goal in the final was very important for me. It gave me a happiness that I never imagined, a very big change in my life, with so many injuries and problems, going and not going, that threw me back. insisting ended up giving and in the best way. I think the only thing I think is how beautiful I am living.”

“I think criticism is normal, sometimes the way to criticize is what hurt you or what hurt your family. When you are in the National Team you don’t talk about anything else, sometimes you have to fill in a little.”

La Ligue 1 and Pochettino

“I think you see every day that Ligue 1 is complicated. The difference we have with the second is that sometimes you win three or four games and you walk away. Marseille, Lyon or Lille score points between them. Talking about Pochettino it’s not easy for him, they only play 11 and he has to build with that, it is not easy to keep them all happy, it is what he tries, to do the best for the team and then you have to demonstrate on the pitch.”


“I think that the last game against Bruges we showed that we are well, it is normal that there is a lot of expectation with the arrival of Messi. I think that people expected a 4 or 5 to zero every game, but football is not that, football it is little by little and to accommodate the pieces. Sometimes these things happen, I think that little by little we are accommodating and having the stronger structure.”

“He shows on social networks, we see him at home with his family, happy and happy. His children are at school. Everything is to make his life easier and thus he has adapted very well in the group, and I think he adapted very quickly to Paris. But when it comes to football, everything is being done little by little, it is a huge change for him that he has to adapt to new players and a new way of playing in a PSG that plays in fast attack while the Barça had possession of football. We tried to balance all that a bit and he also made sure that it suits us and vice versa.”

Rosario Central

“If God wants, I’ll stay here one more year. I said that if I left Europe, the last club I want to be in is PSG. I’ve been there for many years, it’s the only club where I’ve been for so many years and I enjoyed a beautiful life. Later, yes everything is fine, thinking about going back to Argentina. I always said it, I have it in my head to go back and play, one thinks about family, security, I have two daughters and I have to think about everything, I cannot be selfish.”

Argentina Selection

“We always laugh at the ‘Scaloneta’, it was said once and it remained. The truth is that they did a great job, the 2019 Cup was very positive, it was not easy for the coaching staff, with a new generation, I think all that little by little a nice group was formed and the last Copa América that was won. Everything was given to be classified and to be on wheels, the expectation is greater for the next World Cup because of how the team is playing.”

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