The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Indiana Pacers 134-126 this Sunday -April 10- at the close of the NBA regular phase, securing seventh place in the Eastern Conference and home field advantage in the playoff playoffs.

The team of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will receive on Tuesday -April 12- at the Barclays Center the eighth classified in the East, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The winner of that clash will advance directly to the playoffs and will face the Boston Celtics, who secured second place in the East on Sunday by beating the Memphis Grizzlies (139-110).

The loser of the Nets-Cavaliers matchup will get a second chance by hosting the winner of Wednesday’s matchup between the Atlanta Hawks (9th) and the Charlotte Hornets (10th) on Friday.

Whoever comes out the winner of this duel will face in the playoffs the first classified in the East, the Miami Heat.

Against the Pacers, Irving scored 35 points and Durant had a triple-double with 20 points, 16 assists and 10 rebounds.

In case the Nets stumbled against Indiana, the Cleveland Cavaliers had done their homework by beating the Milwaukee Bucks 133-115, who rested Giannis Antetokounmpo and the rest of his figures before going out to the playoffs to defend his NBA crown.

With this loss, the Bucks gave up second place to Boston and, as third-placed, will face the sixth-placed Chicago Bulls at the start of the playoffs.

For their part, the Philadelphia 76ers beat the Detroit Pistons 118-106 without Joel Embiid and finished in fourth place in the East, citing themselves in the first round of the playoffs against the Toronto Raptors, fifth.

Warriors vs. Nuggets y Mavs vs. Jazz

The Western Conference had fewer positions to decide on the last day of the regular phase.

The Golden State Warriors, with third place, defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 128-107 and will face the Denver Nuggets in the first round, who fell 146-141 against the already eliminated Los Angeles Lakers in overtime.

Argentine Nuggets guard Facundo Campazzo was ejected from the game with only nine minutes played (three points and four assists) for a strong push to Wayne Ellington.

The Argentine, who has hardly counted for coach Michael Malone in recent weeks, fell to the ground after a missed layup and, getting up, gave Ellington a hard shove from behind that cost him his expulsion for a flagrant foul.

The Lakers guard, who received an involuntary blow from a teammate on the head when he fell, later sent a threatening message to Campazzo on Twitter: “When I see you I’m going to put my hands on you.”

For their part , the Dallas Mavericks, who beat the San Antonio Spurs 130-120, finished fourth in the West and will play the first round against the Utah Jazz, fifth.

The second-place Memphis Grizzlies will meet their first-round opponent on Tuesday, coming out of Tuesday’s playoff between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Los Angeles Clippers.

The loser of that game will get a second chance to qualify three days later against the winner of Wednesday’s matchup between the Pelicans and Spurs.

Schedule playoffs and playoffs
Here is the schedule for the NBA playoff playoff games, which start Tuesday, and the postseason, which starts Saturday:


Tuesday April 12:

Eastern Conference/playoff 1: Brooklyn – Cleveland

Western Conference/Playoff 1: Minnesota – Clippers

Wednesday 13:

Eastern Conference/playoff 2: Atlanta – Charlotte

Western Conference/Repechage 2: New Orleans – San Antonio

Friday 15:

Eastern Conference/Playoff 3: Brooklyn-Cleveland loser vs. Atlanta-Charlotte winner

Western Conference/Playoff 3: Minnesota-Clippers loser vs. New Orleans-San Antonio winner


First round starting on Saturday 16, schedule to be determined

Eastern Conference

Miami (No. 1 seed) – Playoff Winner 3 (No. 8)

Boston (N.2) – Playoff Winner 1 (N.7)

Milwaukee (N.3) – Chicago (N.6)

Philadelphia (N.4) – Toronto (N.5)

Western Conference

Phoenix (No. 1 seed) – Playoff Winner 3 (No. 8)

Memphis (N.2) – Playoff Winner 1 (N.7)

Golden State (N.3) – Denver (N.6)

Dallas (N.4) – Utah (N.5)

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