Someone almost turned Minecraft into Elden Ring with 40 mods

Someone almost turned Minecraft into Elden Ring with 40 mods

Have you ever wondered how a mix of Minecraft and Elden Ring could look? If not, you still get the answer: A fan of both games transformed our favorite block game into a pixelated knock-off from Elden Ring.

Minecraft meets Elden Ring

This is what it looks like: The YouTuber AsianHalfSquat is responsible for the curious experiment. In his almost 20-minute video, the Minecraft YouTuber presents how the block game can be transformed into an Elden Ring clone. About 40 different mods were used – but it’s best to take a look for yourself.

What exactly is different now? The result is definitely not from bad parents. Because after the general overhaul, Minecraft not only looks noticeably different, it also plays that way. For example, the combat system becomes much more complex due to the variety of weapons, while even the most harmless opponents can become a real challenge.

In addition, new bosses patrol the game world, which can also reduce the game world to rubble in the best Minecraft manner. So you won’t escape your (optional) adversaries quite as easily as in Elden Ring. Where’s Stormwind when you need it…

But visually, Minecraft gets almost a completely different character. With new textures and a modified game world, the game looks much less life-affirming – just as you are used to from the intermediate lands.

A loot system based on Elden Ring naturally also rewards the explorers among you. Although Minecraft players have probably never had any problems with it.

How can I play this myself? AsianHalfSquat put together the package of almost 40 mods themselves and collected them in a single download. For free download from Shattered Ring you come under this link. How exactly the installation works is explained in detail in the video.

If you still have difficulties, this article will also help you: We summarize everything you need to know about how to download and install Minecraft mods in 2022 without any problems.

What’s new in Elden Ring?

The Elden Ring has been available since early February, but there are still exciting new developments or discoveries almost every day. For example, fans have spun a promising theory about what the first DLCs could be about.

Meanwhile, even players have beaten Elden Ring in just nine(!) minutes while others defeat bosses on the dance mat. Also, we don’t want to withhold a trick from you, with which one of the toughest bosses can be crushed with ease.

Why Elden Ring is so successful in the first place and whether the game doesn’t just benefit from the fact that it’s currently “nothing’. By the way, we address other issues in our GLM podcast on Elden Ring. It’s best to just listen for yourself.

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