NBA Overtake a legend like Reggie Miller

Curry pitches against the Jazz in the game in which he placed second-best three-point player in history.
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Lto irruption years ago Stephen Curry In the NBA, the debate about who is the best shooter of all history. Since the times of Reggie Miller o Ray Allen there was not a player who could threaten the established order but, for many, the Warriors has surpassed them all.


Much more this past dawn when he became the second best tripler in history in the NBA. Curry beat 2,560 3-pointers from a legend like Reggie Miller to move up the ranks. Now He only has Ray Allen ahead, which with 2,973 has dominated the list of the great bombers for years.

The play with which Curry made history is one of those that he has boasted so many times, a catch-and-shoot from the corner in the third quarter in the game the Warriors lost to Utah, 127-108.

Curry’s brand is even more amazing when you consider that Miller had 2,560 3s in 1,389 games Throughout the 18 season and Curry has needed 715 spread over 12 years.

It’s a little weird“Curry said after the clash with the Jazz.”They have crushed us on the track but I still had fun. I knew I had the record in my hands, so when I made my third triple in the game, I knew I had matched Reggie. Then came the fourth, that has been very special. It’s something I’ve been fighting for for a long time. ”Miller himself was one of the first to congratulate Curry on his achievement.

Now, with Miller in the rearview mirror, just Ray Allen stands between him and the glory of being the best, the title of king of the triples in the NBA, something that seems within reach. Allen leads the table with 2,973, slightly more than 400 over Curry, which may guarantee his leadership during 2021, But it will only be a matter of time before Stephen Curry successfully raises the top spot.

At his current average (4.1 per game) Curry will need about 100 games to hunt down Allen. The Warriors have 57 regular league games left, what makes ‘sorpasso’ impossible this season But, if there are no injuries involved, in 2021-22 we will be writing Curry’s assault on NBA glory in terms of 3s scored.

The difference between the three great long distance runs in history is that Allen and Miller used the triple as another part of their game. However, Curry has made the shots from the arc his identity And, in a way, it’s changed the game with it.

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