The Party Starts Today! Check Your Calendar of the Caribbean Series Mazatlán 2021

The Party Starts Today! Check Your Calendar of the Caribbean Series Mazatlán 2021

Today starts the party and so we will review the timing of the Series of the Caribbean Mazatlan 2021.

The Caribbean Series kicks off today, Sunday, January 31, with the participation of the following clubs:

  • Águilas del Cibao (Dominican Republic)
  • Creoles of Caguas (Puerto Rico)
  • Caribs of Anzoátegui (Venezuela)
  • Tomateros de Culiacán (Mexico)
  • Alligators of Barranquilla (Colombia)
  • Federals of Chiriquí (Panama).


This is the calendar:


Sunday 31-Jan:

Pan-Ven – 10:30 am.

PR-RD – 3:00 pm

Opening ceremony

Mex-Col 8:00 pm.


Monday 01-Feb:

Pan-Col – 11:00 am

Ven-PR – 3:30 pm.

RD-Mex – 8:00 pm.


Tuesday 02-Feb:

Col-Ven – 10:30 am.

RD-Pan – 3:00 pm.

PR-Mex – 8:00 pm.


Wednesday 03-Feb:

Ven-RD – 10:30 am

Col-PR – 3:00 pm

Mex-Pan – 8:00 pm.


Thursday 04-Feb:

Pan-PR – 11:00 am.

Col-RD – 3:30 pm.

Ven-Mex – 8:00 pm.


Friday 05-Feb:

Game A: 3rd vs 2nd – 3:00 pm.

Game B: 4th vs 1st – 8:00 pm.


Saturday 06-Feb:

Grand Final: Winner A vs Winner B (8:00 pm)

Closing ceremony.


As you can see, a daily triple match will be played from January 31 to Thursday February 4.

Each club will see action in five matches, one against each club and it will be under the free-for-all format.

They classify the first 4 places, where they will be measured in the semifinals on 2 vs 3 and 1 vs 4 in a single match.

The winners of the semifinal will be measured in the final and the winner will be the champion of the Caribbean Series on Mexican soil.

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