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Bernard Tomic has not left tennis fans indifferent because of the quarantine which tennis players have undergone before the Australian Open (February 8-21).

While the majority of players have come only with their teams and have left their partners at home, Tomic is quarantining himself at the Melbourne hotel with his current partner, OnlyFans star Vanessa Sierra.

In fact, the couple has uploaded several videos of how they spend the quarantine in their room criticizing the food that they brought them And, while other players rush to the last corner of the room to train, Tomic has hardly done training.

Sierra criticized in one of the videos the lack of services they have received. “There is only one toilet. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I never wash my hair, the hairdressers always do it to me twice a week. I have to get out of here to get it washed,” he said, while admitting that both she and Tomic have played World of Warcraft for up to 11 hours. More controversial if possible to a quarantine that, in itself, for many will be a real ordeal.

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