One of the things that characterizes Meta’s instant messaging application is, without a doubt, its wide variety of emojis, with more than 3 thousand of them

If you are one of those who uses the WhatsApp app all day long to send messages to your partner, friends, family or co-workers or school, surely you have already noticed the brown heart that appears among the list of the more than 3 thousand emojis, but what does it mean?
One of the things that characterizes the Meta instant messaging application is, without a doubt, its wide variety of emojis. Just as there are different emoticons for people, animals and others, there is also a variety of colors in hearts, and each one of them has a different meaning.

Although the meaning of many of the emojis available on WhatsApp are quite obvious, the truth is that there are others that are not so obvious, which is why there are specialized web pages on the subject.

It is worth mentioning that, within the world of emojis on the most popular instant messaging platform, there are eight different categories : smiles and people; animals and nature; food and drink; activities; travel and places; objects; symbols, and flags.It is in the symbols section where all the hearts available for use in WhatsApp appear.

In this same category are the signs of the zodiac, those of emergency, as well as numbers and arrows.

In addition, beyond this primary meaning, the brown heart is also used to express the desire to form a family
with the partner. In addition to this, this color can allude to chocolate and wanting to give it to a close person.
The meaning of colored hearts:


Red heart: couple love or romance
Orange heart: love between friends
Yellow heart: pure and sincere love
Purple heart: forbidden or hidden love, especially used between lovers
Blue heart: expresses confidence and security
Green heart: it islinked to health and nature.

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