The technology It has been part of our lives for several decades. However, never before have so many advances been seen in this field as at the end of the 20th and early 21st century Where electronic devices have become the center of our lives.

The arrival of internet In addition, it completely changed the world along with the way we relate to each other. The different electronic devices such as smart mobile phones have managed to transform the paradigm of daily life and social relationships.

With the appearance of this type of telephone together with the wireless connection one of the most anticipated wishes by technological creators was achieved. Thus, it was possible to join the majority of the planet without the need for cables to a great extent, in addition, with the appearance of new applications that revolutionized the planet.

Facebook invention of Mark Zuckerberg, was for several years the best-known social network in the world thanks to its many innovations that managed to revolutionize relationships between humans. Practically the majority of individuals on the planet have had an account in this application at some point, although other options have appeared recently that have far surpassed the popularity of Facebook.

Only photos or videos is what he promised Instagram on its arrival but thanks to a series of advances it has managed to establish itself as the most outstanding. Thus, the application has become the greatest reference in social interactions with millions of users around the world who share their stories online.

Thanks to the advances made in technology in recent years, some have been implemented in these social networks. However, many have begun to protest by a series of rules that companies implement, something similar to the new way in which Instagram pretends to know how old its users are.

New method

One of the problems that can arise in social networks is the abuse of minors by adults. Thus, some take advantage of the fact that there are people of lower ages in these applications to commit all kinds of ideas that can even be crime.

This, in addition, could be one of the reasons why Instagram has decided to try to know the age of its users. Normal, in most cases, It would be through a form, although the social network intends to go one step further.

Thanks to a publication of the specialized media Android Headlines it has been possible to know that the application intends to introduce a facial recognition system. Thus, thanks to the identification of users by their images and artificial intelligence, it would be possible to know the age of all those who appear in Instagram posts.

In addition, it is noteworthy that yes, users who did not meet the age requirement could not access the application, something that even seems good to governments such as Germany or the United Kingdom.

Despite this, still there is no official confirmation by the company that is expected to give new details in the future to know if the controversial tool will be launched.

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