If the pandemic has taught companies around the world anything, it is that social networks are an unmatched ally when it comes to seeking new customers, expanding the market and staying in the constant struggle to innovate, at least in terms of marketing and advertising in order to increase sales. Colombia is today the fourth country in the world in which people spend more time on social networks with a record of 3 hours and 46 minutes. This, without a doubt, has been used by entrepreneurs and businessmen to carry their messages through this medium, either with simple commercial messages or strategies that even resort to humor.

The number of social media users now equates to more than 58% of the world’s population according to We Are Social’s latest 2022 digital annual report. There it is estimated that 67% of the population has mobile telephony, which represents 5,300 million users, reaching this number close to 80% in Latin America. Initially there was talk of e-commerce platforms that boosted sales in stores, however, the challenge after this was to attract people to these virtual spaces and this is where social networks, especially Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook, they became very striking showcases.

According to Guillermo Carrillo, professor of the University Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing and Data Analysis at the International University of Valencia, different social networks emerge every day, some born for specific purposes, and others for professional or work purposes, which are adapted to the needs of the market and its users.

“What makes people more aware of this reality and take advantage of the networks to grow their businesses and make themselves known to other audiences, since they gave consumers a voice and it is no longer just about being present, but to do well”, said this expert. And it is that the effectiveness of advertising on social networks was demonstrated by a growing variety of data during the last 12 months, where 1 in 4 Internet users aged 16 to 64 (27.6%) discovered new brands, products and services through advertisements on social networks.

“The first thing you should do if you are thinking of expanding your business to social networks, is to create a plan in which you define and segment the audience, observing how social networks work for the brand , establishing objectives and progressively increasing your presence. , depending on the growth that is had, “he added.

Five recommendations:

The buyer person: in social networks it is about connecting with people in an authentic way, so the best way to do it is knowing the target audience and how they behave, this will help develop a key quality of business, the empathy.

Listen to the audience: social media is a platform that allows you to understand and pay attention to the problems and needs of the audience. For this reason, when the public shares their experiences and thoughts about your business, it is important to take note, since these comments are feedback on what can be improved or new products to launch. It is advisable to reply to messages as quickly as possible.

Choosing the right platforms: In this great social universe, it is important to take into account the nature of your business and also identify where your buyer persona is present. Identify where the audience is looking for new concepts and ideas, where they live in the digital world, there, you have to be present.

Use the content in the right way: in the information age, content is essential, but also to gain the attention of prospects; without forcing the process. Attract visitors with helpful content and break down barriers as they learn about your business.

Do not limit yourself: it is important not to limit yourself to closing deals at the first bump and open your mind to business relationships. Enabling customers to interact with the company on the channels of their choice is the start of a great business.

In turn, the VIU expert emphasized that “this is a continuous process of analyzing traffic and metrics, collecting opinions, generating ideas, executing the best ones, and returning to the analysis stage to review the results, adjust and Try new content. All the time wondering: does this work as expected? And can I do something to improve my presence and visibility? So that it reaches the expected results.”

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