Solange’s Son, Julez Smith, Dates Skai Jackson?

Singer Solange’s son Daniel Julez Smith jr. is rumored to be dating Disney actress Skai Jackson after a photo of the teens leaked online yesterday.

In the photo, Skai, who is 18, can be seen sitting on top of Julez, who is 16.

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According to our well-placed source, the photo is actually around a year old. “If you look closely, Julez has a head full of curls and he just shaved his hair recently. the duo came out at one point, but they’re not together anymore, ”the source told BCK Online exclusively.

We can confirm that Julez recently cut and colored her hair blonde. The 16-year-old launched his new look on Instagram a few weeks ago. He then dyed his hair black.

If our well-placed source doesn’t confirm that Skai and Julez are not dating, then maybe Julez himself can shut down the rumors.

According to the Gossip site, Lurking In The City, Beyonce’s nephew took to his Instagram stories on Friday to clear up the rumors. When asked if he was talking to Skai, he replied “F * & ^, No”. He further explained, “I don’t like it like that. Don’t believe what other people say… and her personality and ego are very big… she needs to come back down to earth. ” 


Skai caught wind of the post and responded subliminally on Twitter. She wrote, “The negative energy you give off is the same as the negative energy you put on yourself.”

The negative energy you give off is the same energy you put on yourself 🤷🏽‍♀️

Jackson worked hard in Hollywood to make a name for herself as a true Disney sweetheart. Aside from acting, the young adult is an accomplished author who knows a thing or two about social media applause. In 2019, she published her book, Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback. During an interview with ET for their Unfiltered Series, Skai opened up about the price that comes with being famous.


She said: “For me, growing up at a young age in the limelight and on social media, I joined Twitter when I was 10 and had my Instagram at 11, so when I joined Instagram, I noticed a lot of I hate comments where people would just, like, nitpick my appearance, just to be funny. ” 

She continued, “A lot of people are going through this. The most popular people do. And for me, being young, I didn’t understand why these people said these things. I would get really, really sad. But now I’m starting to learn to love myself no matter what and to laugh at what other people say. ” 

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