Harlots Season 4: Courtesans Will Not Have a Fourth Season

Hulu has canceled the Harlots Season 4 series, which in Spain can be seen on COSMO

The third season was the last of Harlots: Courtesans . You could be suspicious, considering that its last episode had aired nine months ago and there had been no news about its continuation, but Hulu has already made it official . The platform has canceled the Harlots Season 4 series , which at the time attracted enormous attention because it told a story little treated by fiction: that of the prostitutes of Covent Garden in the eighteenth century, who had in that job the way to earn a living without depending economically of no man.

It was also newsworthy at the time that its creative team was made up mostly of women , starting with its creators, Moira Buffini and Alison Newman, and that their look towards the time was more stark than usual. Its two main leads (played by Samantha Morton and Lesley Manville) were two brothel owners (one with wealthy and influential clients, the other more modest) who rivaled almost to the death for their chunk of influence in London’s Soho.

In Spain, COSMO broadcast all three seasons, the last of which is still available on the VOD services of television operators. As that installment unfolded, it was foreshadowed that Harlots was nearing the end , so this cancellation is not news that is too surprising.

Ashley Johnson
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