Approved and suspended of Real Madrid against Huesca

Approved and Suspended of Real Madrid Against Huesca

Courteous: left one of the stops of the season. In the 64th minute he avoided Rafa Mir’s goal with a prodigious hand, reflexes, and after changing stick. For the rest, he dwarfed Huesca’s strikers to perfection on the clearest occasions, causing them to fail. A game in which he intervened little but always with great success.

Odriozola: a new performance to forget. He made three serious mistakes in the first minutes of the game and did not come back. He could not stop Javi Galán, who played very comfortable and saw the door at the beginning of the second half. To top it off, he had to leave injured on 66 ‘. Opportunities to show that he has the level to play for Madrid are running out.

Early: the new killer of the white team. He took advantage of two set pieces to complete White’s comeback. The first, going with everything to a divided ball on the line. The second, entering as a nine in the small area to take advantage of a previous shot from Casemiro. In defense, he complements well with Nacho and he was seen to be more comfortable than when he played alongside Militao. However, the lack of help from the front line made him suffer in some actions. He had to correct some very dangerous actions in extremis.

Nacho: His performance must be highlighted after three weeks without playing for coronavirus and with only one workout on his legs. He has similar characteristics to Sergio Ramos, since he is capable of defending forward and anticipating the plays. This is dangerous at certain times, but having Varane by his side, who corrects well, is usually beneficial for Madrid.

Mendy: one of his worst matches as a white player. He was seen lost, being late for most plays. In attack, he was not very successful, as usual this season. The problem is that in defense he did not have his day. Rafa Mir won his back on numerous occasions, although the former Valencia player forgave. His performance is far from the Mendy we saw last year. He was substituted in the 78 ‘.

Casemiro: another game that was overwhelmed in defense. Modric, by age (35 years) can no longer help him as before, and Kroos plays closer to the area. This leaves you with a lot of room to cover, and it doesn’t always come. In addition, the bad game of the wings did not benefit him, having to go to help too many times.

Kroos: In one of Madrid’s worst seasons in this century, the German is leaving flag games. Today he has returned to direct the team both in the exit of the ball and near the area, being the most lucid to give the last pass. He left only Vinicius against the rival goalkeeper in the first half with a measured ball into the gap. He stained his match with an unnecessary yellow on 32 ‘, the fifth of the season, so he will not be in the next game against Getafe.

Modric: He was not as successful as in other games, but his work in midfield is key for the team. He returned to vent the game in the medullary. He suffered in the defensive phase, in which Madrid was forced to run backwards on many occasions. This wore him down a lot and it showed in the final phase of the match.

Vinicius: as usual. You have to assess their dedication and their desire to move forward. In the first half he was the only one who dared to challenge his defender in one on one, and it generated danger. He made a wonderful individual move on 13 ‘and had a heads-up on 25’. However, he erred again in the last few meters. He is not being able to improve in this regard, and both he and the team need it if they want to qualify for important objectives. He was very missing in the second half until he was substituted in 78 ‘.

Asensio: The Balearic Islands are already irreplaceable due to their ability to combine and generate close to the area. He is not right on target, but he is the most different in an attack that is too flat. He was about to score one of the goals of the season in 59 ‘, but Pulido denied him by covering the shot.

Benzema: very good of ten, not so much of nine. His first half was poor, unable to get into the game. In the second he reacted and began to come into play, something that the team appreciated. Varane’s first goal came from a foul of his that rejected the crossbar. Later, he had a couple of clear occasions that he did not convert, a very clear one that crashed into Álvaro Fernández’s chest.

Marcelo: left good deeds in the 20 minutes that Zidane gave him. He was even about to score as soon as he went out onto the field with a cross shot. Mendy’s bad timing could open a door for him.

Marvin: the Castilla boy played his second game with the first team. The feeling is that, if Zidane gives him ball, there is a very usable player in him. He was seen calm playing lane, combining well with his teammates and with self-confidence despite his 20 years.

Mariano: He had ten minutes in which he could do little. It is always appreciated that a player tries to take advantage of every second they give him, even if things don’t turn out later.

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