A portal specialized in real estate shared an analysis where it was stated which would be the best week for sellers to list their house to sell it fast and at a good price.

Buying a house is not easy, all consumers know that; but selling a house is not as simple as it seems. There are homes that can sit for weeks, months or even years in the listings without selling. That can change. One study has already found the best week to list your home for sale in the United States.

According to an analysis published by Realtor, a portal specialized in real estate, the best week to list a property for sale in the United States is April 16-22. That means owners should hurry to list their property, as the date set for 2023 is approaching.

“The best week represents a good balance of less competition from other sellers (i.e., fewer listings), high potential sale prices and nimble timing in the market,” said Hannah Jones, economic research analyst for Realtor.com.

But sellers can not only sell their property fast, they can also increase their profits. During what is considered the best week for listing, it is also the best week for listing. Home prices are expected to be $8,400 higher than the typical week, and $48,000 above early 2023 prices. Real estate listings are expected to receive 16.4% more visits than a typical week.

Spring is generally considered the best selling season, and demand could pick up in the third week of April, with homes expected to come off the market 18% faster than an average week.

Realtor.com’s economics team identified this ideal sales week after carefully examining market behavior from 2018 through 2022, competition from other sellers, how long a home spent on the market, views per property, list prices and the likelihood of price reductions were included in the analysis. The portal clarified that 2020 was excluded from the study due to atypical market conditions at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sellers should also not raise high expectations, as buyers face strong challenges between a shortage of homes for sale, high prices for available properties and rising mortgage rates that make monthly mortgage payments 50% more expensive than just a year ago. For the week ending March 9, the rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 6.73%, according to Freddie Mac.

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