• At Globe Live Media we tell you which are the 10 best cities to buy a house in the US right now, so that you can evaluate the opportunity to acquire your own home

There are not a few who think that the real estate market in the United States is in a slow, but sure, process of change towards a less accelerated state and, therefore, conducive to people who want to buy a house right now. Or at least it seems that way, due to the record of slight declines in the price of homes for sale in some states.

However, knowing which cities to shop for at the lowest prices can be difficult if you don’t have the time to do the relevant market research. For this reason, the data analysis team of the specialized portal Realtor carried out an investigation to reveal the 10 best cities to buy a house at the moment in the US.

According to experts at eXp Realty, the following cities are currently the best places to buy a house in the US.

At Globe Live Media we show you this list, so you can take advantage of the situation to achieve your dream of buying a house in this country.

1- Midland (Texas)

Median home price for sale in this city: $343,730.

In the city of Midland (Texas), according to Realtor, the average price of properties is 25% below the national price of homes, so buyers in the real estate market of this city are in a good position to negotiate.

Brian Sales, associate broker at Realtor, also believes that this city has become a preferred location for the oil and gas industry, which has led to the generation of many high-paying jobs, something you should keep in mind if you want to live in this town.

2- Cedar Rapids (Iowa)

Median home price for sale in this city: $599,700.

This is a city with high incomes (known for its strong manufacturing sector and food processing industry, with an emphasis on corn) and relatively low home prices. According to Realtor, a home’s square foot is typically priced at $133, putting prices 40% below the national average.

3- Detroit (Michigan)

Median home price for sale in this city: $79,700.

There is a reason that Detroit is one of the cities with some of the most affordable real estate in the country: it is a city that has had some difficulties with the auto industry (the main economic sector in this town), which has caused Many people have left Detroit in search of better opportunities.

However, the truth is that the price per square foot in Detroit is $72, which is only a third of the national average, so this city should be included in this list.

4- Lawrenceville (Georgia)

Median home price for sale in this city: $402,000.

The city of Lawrenceville is known for its parks and green spaces, as well as for its artistic activity, of which the Aurora Theater and the School of the Arts at Central Gwinnet High School can be highlighted, which offers a conservatory and scholarship programs.

5- Jacksonville (Florida)

Median home price for sale in this city: $341,000.

Among the most attractive features of Jacksonville are a pleasant climate, thanks to its proximity to the coast, which makes it an ideal location for those who want to get away from the urban hustle and bustle (although it is one of the most populous cities in Florida). .

According to Realtor, home prices in Jacksonville have fallen since June, although they are still at levels higher than those recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

6- Boise, Idaho

Average price of a house for sale in this city: $564,945 dollars.

According to Realtor, the city of Boise was one of the population’s favorite places during the pandemic, due to its low real estate prices and the outdoor lifestyle promoted by the town. This led to prices being increased accordingly.

However, the trend seems to be tilting the balance towards buyers again, who have managed to get houses in this city at prices much lower than those of a year ago.

Real estate specialists indicate, in fact, that in the coming months the situation may improve even more for buyers who are interested in acquiring a home in this city.

7- Reindeer (Nevada)

Median home price for sale in this city: $621,995.

Real estate experts point out that the interest in the city of Reno, Nevada, by buyers during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, could have come to an end, as there have been many price drops of the properties for sale in recent weeks.

Similarly, the local housing inventory seems to have increased in recent months, which has contributed to the progressive decline in prices in this city.

8- Baton Rouge (Louisiana)

Median home price for sale in this city: $335,000.

Realtor information indicates that this city has homes whose prices are approximately 25% below the national average.

9- Myrtle Beach (South Carolina)

Median home price for sale in this city: $339,950.

Myrtle Beach is a city that has historically been a favorite destination for tourists and retired workers, due to its proximity to the coast, its recreational activities and its affordability.

10- Scottsdale (Arizona)

Median home price for sale in this city: $934,500.

Tiffany Carlson-Richison, associate broker at Realty One Group, indicated that at the moment, buyers have greater bargaining power in Scottsdale, as it is one of the cities that has benefited from the balance of the real estate market, so it can be a good destination to acquire a house.

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