After Zoraida Gomez caused great controversy by publishing a photograph in which Vicente Fernandez kisses her on the mouth when she was a child, the mother of the Mexican actress came out to answer the questions.

When approached by the press, Melissa Sánchez downplayed the importance of users who question her for allowing an older person to kiss a girl on the lips, and pointed out that there is nothing wrong, since it is a way of expressing her sweetie.

He always kisses on the mouth. The Lord kisses this way, and this is how he kisses everyone, everyone who is left, I never left myself, but otherwise he would have kissed me the same.” Said the actress’s mother.

The mother of the actor Eleazar Gómez justified this kiss that Don ‘Chente’ gave her daughter when she was a child, assuring that it is normal in her family. She even said that Alejandro Fernández, son of the ranchero singer, does it too.

Vicente Fernandez kisses his family, men, women, he kisses on the mouth and Alejandro does the same”, she concluded.

Controversial tribute

Zoraida Gómez caused controversy by saying goodbye to singer Vicente Fernández, who died on December 12. The remembered José Luján from the telenovela “Rebelde” published on her Instagram story a photograph in which the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ kisses her on the lips when she was a minor.

You gave me my first kiss, I will always remember you, great artist and human being.” Was the message that accompanied the photo, which sparked criticism against her.

“As it is not the most appropriate way to pay tribute”; “Why share that photo and that comment right now?”; “How to make a tragedy about me”; “The worst thing is how the mother allowed that, I would never let an adult kiss my daughters, no matter how famous he is”, were some of the questions.

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