Yoseline Hoffman thanks from Jail for displays of affection from her followers

Yoseline Hoffman thanks from Jail for displays of affection from her followers

Yoseline Hoffman, better known as ‘YosStop’ has been deprived of her liberty since the night of June 29 and after on July 5 she was linked to a process for the crime of distribution of child pornography to the detriment of a minor. It will be in two more months when her legal situation is defined.

Since entering the Santa Martha Acatitla women’s prison, the influencer shares various messages with expressions of affection towards her boyfriend, her mother, her fans and even her pets. On this occasion, she thanked the displays of affection that her fans give her.

In the message, YosStop thanks her followers for the letters they send him through her boyfriend, the doctor Gerardo González, who has been in charge of continuing to share information about the youtuber on his social networks.

“They have been able to read me some letters that they have sent me but I would love to be able to read them ALL physically over and over again, unfortunately I cannot for now (I promise you that I will). However, I want to tell you that your words do me so much good, so much that you cannot imagine”, the post reads.

“Each letter from you is a caress to my soul, I hope very soon to be able to read them all physically and respond to each one of you. For now I can only thank you for your support and love, I love you back. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”, added Yoseline Hoffman.

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