The preschool teacher, originally from Oaxaca, Mexico and now a star of HollywoodYalitza Aparicio, continues to surprise on her social networks, a space in which, for some time now, the actress has put aside the sorrow, the hermeticism that was about her, and now shares her funniest moments and even her singer side y ballet dancer.

Yalitza Aparicio Martínezfull name of the actress, who rose to fame in 2018 for her acting debut in the film Roma, considered by Time magazine “the best performance of 2018”, nominated for an Oscar and in 2019 considered one of the 100 people most influential in the world, according to Time, is now queen in Tik Tok.

It was just on this platform, whereYalitza she published a new video, which has become the most viewed on the platforms and, of course, has stood out for showing his talent for singing to the rhythm of Alicia Villarreal with his song: “Te Haces”.

Yalitza Aparicio

Yalitza Aparicio

Yalitza Aparicio

Despite the fact that, in her moment of great success, the native of Tlaxiaco went through a stage of total secrecy, in which almost nobody could approach her and not much was known about her, now she is one of the most coveted actresses and darlings of the moment, so only on Tik Tok it has 585.1K followers.

Now she is applauded by her fans, because she published this video in which she shows her talents in music and dance, noting that acting is not her only talent.

In the video, we see her first serious and thoughtful and the background audio says:

“When your psychologist tells you to set a limit”, followed by “What to set a limit for? Goes!”. Then, Yalitza stands up and begins to dance and sing with the audio of “Te Haces”, famous success of the group Limit, led by Alicia Villarreal.

With great grace and disinhibition, we see a Yalitza, having fun and with a very good swagger, very much to the rhythm of this classic song, besides, she looked very good in her silver pants and a short black blouse, with which she showed off her figure.

A video that undoubtedly made her followers happy, who always applaud her and encourage her to continue sharing this type of material on her social networks.

In addition to social networks, this 2022, Yalitza Aparicio announced his return to acting hand in hand with Apple TV +, who chose the documentary “midnight family” to turn it into a series starring the Oaxacan, along with Joaquín Cosío and Óscar Jaenada, so her fans are very excited to see her again in a project of such magnitude.

The story continues following the documentary that was released on Netflix, which showed the crisis that exists regarding ambulances in Mexico City and how the Ochoa family earned money with a private ambulance and at the same time saving lives.

Yalitza not only uploads funny videos, she is also constantly active in favor of human rights and inclusion. On the occasion of the end of the first season of the series “Miss 89”, Yalitzasurprised with a photo in which we see her as a beauty queen, wearing the band with the name of Oaxaca on her chest, with the aim of promoting the series, but with a great message.

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