Yadhira Carrillo affirmed that he would like to return to television (Photograph captures Ventaneando)

Yadhira Carrillo has been away from television screens since, nine years ago, he got married with the lawyer Juan Collado, whom you have visited for the past two years in the Nort Prisone from Mexico City, where he is being held for a investigation against him.

During her last visit to the prison, the actress gave an interview to First hand, where he talked about your husband’s current situation, as well as your wishes to return to acting after spending a long time dedicated to her family.

I would love to do a series, it could of course be about my life, but I would love to do one romantic series, incredible, something that makes people dream at home, that makes you feel very good, that kind of thing, I would love to do it, of course, “said the actress in front of television cameras.

Yadhira Carrillo married Juan Collado in 2012 (Photo: Instagram / @ yadhiracarrillo)

Yadhira Carrillo married Juan Collado in 2012 (Photo: Instagram / @ yadhiracarrillo)

In the same way, he stated that a series about the love story with her husband could be a very good option and you would like to participate in it: “Oh, it could be, very nice! yes it is a great story, that everyone has known it forever, because from the beginning I made her known, since I met him, how we met and how all this grew, it would be precious, ”said Yadhira.

Yadhira Carrillo has been dedicated to supporting her husband since her arrest in 2019, the lawyer is accused of organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin.

The actress revealed the motives for those who follow visiting and supporting to her husband after two years of bitter drinks: “I do it because I know very well who Juan is, that’s the issue. If I knew that Juan is not what I know him to be, then obviously he would not be here I wouldn’t have married him. Then know that it is only under investigation It reassures me, Juan is by no means anything that many people thought when he was arrested, ”said Yadhira Carillo.

Yadhira Carrillo has been visiting her husband in the North Prison for two years (Photo: Screenshot / Ventaneando)

Yadhira Carrillo has been visiting her husband in the North Prison for two years (Photo: Screenshot / Ventaneando)

As part of her husband’s incarceration, Yadhira was questioned about the current situation of Laura Bozzo, who could go to prison for tax evasion, in this regard the actress stated the following: “I have no opinion, as you know, we are in a process in which it is also important to keep calm and always keep your comments aside”.

A few weeks ago the request that the actress made to the authorities was released, where asked that the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine be given to her husband, as he stated that you could be at risk of getting infected: “Yes it is dangerous because they have to go down to notifications and this type of thing, if you are in the environment somehow, for everyone it is always risky, you have to try to get vaccinated all”.

In the last interview with the actress, she said that The second dose of the vaccine has already been applied to the lawyer: “Yes, that’s it, that’s it, after much The second vaccine was long overdue, but it was done, he got one and then a long time passed, and they gave him the second. I do not know if they will work as it should, because the second was after monthsSo I don’t know, but it’s not a complaint ”, said the actress.

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