Magaly Medina has spoken on several occasions about the large amount of money that is generated on the adult content platform OnlyFans. The driver has highlighted the work done by Argentina Xoana Gonzálezwho by uploading explicit sexual content has been able to remodel her house in Argentina, buy an apartment in Peru and is now building her third home in the countryside.

Last Wednesday the journalist had a interview with the model on Magaly TV La Firme to talk about her occupation and the one that has become her main source of income. Medina surprised everyone with a joking comment that she made to Xoana: “I think that when I get off TV I’m going to dedicate myself to OnlyFans “She said letting out a laugh. The gaucha reacted quickly and took the opportunity to ask him for a collaboration.

After that episode, Infobae communicated with Xoana González to consult him if she would really like to work together with the popular ‘Urraca’. Let us remember that the former member of “Las Chicas Doradas” went from publishing sensual photos to making sexual videos with her husband, the Peruvian Javier Gonzalez.

“I told him as a joke (about the collaboration). It was with all due respect. Likewise, if Magaly dedicated herself to the industry, she would be an enviable MILF, because she has a divine figure. We would be a good redhead duo”Xoana said between laughs and making it clear that it was all a joke.


Before ending the interview, Xoana invited Fatima Segovia Already Romina Gachoy to join her in collaborating on her videos. As we know, the Peruvian and the Uruguayan have taken advantage of their voluptuous figures and have joined OnlyFans’ list of most requested women, earning thousands of dollars a month.

“Chuecona (Fátima) or Romi, the one who is encouraged, here we are”expressed the model, and then sent a kiss to each of her fans who enjoy watching her on the subscription service where they pay to see each video she uploads.

Although the aforementioned models do not provide the same type of material as Xoana González, their high caliber photos and videos have also become the favorites of thousands of users. It should be noted that this platform has become one of the main sources of work for several women who have no problem showing their bodies.


In an interview with Magaly Medina, Xoana said that in 2017 she underwent a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, and today she says that it was her best investment. “They did a bioplasty on the outside, vaginal rejuvenation on the inside, clitoral hood lift and they enlarged my G-spot. From then on my life changed, it’s like Wow! “told on the Magaly TV program La Firme.

She even pointed out that as a result of this surgery she feels safer. “The one who is hesitating to do it, gather her chibilines because it is the best investment. [Me siento] Safer, happier, you discover a new world”, narrowed down

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