Without her tiny dental floss panties, the change of Alexa Dellanos

Without her tiny dental floss panties, the change of Alexa Dellanos


Alexa Dellanos has been one of the most sensual and erotic models on Instagram for years. On this platform the daughter of Dark Dellanos became known, thanks to her exuberant beauty, her poses with tiny bikinis and transparent lingerie. Today this has changed in subtle ways.

Alexa Dellanos’ latest posts are more suggestive and less revealing. First of all, she stopped being a blonde to become a beautiful dark-haired woman. And her clothing, on the other hand, is less revealing.

Alexa’s last tanguita on Instagram corresponds to September 25th, where she appears wearing a green satin bodysuit with a tremendous thong, which she reveals when posing from behind for the second photograph.

It seems that somehow, Alexa Dellanos is experiencing a makeover. And it is that in the past the publications in bikinis and lingerie appeared daily, today this fact has changed radically. The young woman is not only exploiting her creative vein, she is also becoming an entire businesswoman with her clothing line.

Many believe that this change has occurred as a result of the new creative stage that she is experiencing. A couple of weeks ago her mother, Myrlka Dellanos, revealed that Alexa is writing a book and she added that she is also working on producing music.

“I have learned perseverance, I have learned that she does many things that she may not want to do because she knows how and sacrifices herself to reach the goal.” Myrka told on the red carpet of the Billboard Latin Music Awards in conversation with Mezcaliente.

She also added, “Now she has been working 24/7 launching her clothing line. She did not tell them, but she has just arrived from Los Angeles, at the same time she is writing, she is a really excellent writer, she has an innate talent since she was little, and now he is starting that, writing a book that he already showed us when we were in London”.

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