Why does Isabel Pantoja hide grandmother Ana's seriousness from her children?

Why does Isabel Pantoja hide grandmother Ana’s seriousness from her children?

Kiko Rivera would be willing to sign a truce with the tonadillera in order to know how his “yaya” is.

Doña’s income Ana Martin, the mother of Isabel Pantoja, in the university hospital of Puerto Real has become a mystery. What interest does the singer have in hiding from her children the situation in which Grandmother Ana finds herself?

Nobody understands it. Kiko adores his grandmother, leaves her completely out of the dispute with his mother and uncle Agustin. For him, she is his soul “yaya”, the woman who took care of him during his mother’s many professional trips.

His concern is such that he called his cousin Anabel to see how to act in the face of the distressing family situation, he even hints that he would be willing to sign a truce with the tonadillera in order to know first-hand the evolution of his grandmother.

But Pantoja uses silence as a weapon, he does not give details of his mother’s condition, it is all conjecture. If it is known that the seriousness is evident, that Dona Ana’s life could be in danger, that her admission was through the Emergency Department, now four days ago, the same Thursday that her granddaughter Anabel secretly married her boyfriend Omar in the Canary Islands.

But she doesn’t know anything, she suffers from Alzheimer’s, and her memory has erased all memories. He has been like this for years, he does not recognize anyone, not even those who showed him immense affection. Kiko suffers in the distance, her sister Isa also, although his relationship with his grandmother was not what is called friendly.

It is not acceptable that both knew about hospitalization thanks to the gathering Kiko Hernandez, who received the “tip” through a nurse from the health center.

It is unheard of for Isabel to hide such dramatic news from her own children, the pride that emanates from the lack of understanding prioritizes the slightest feeling of humanity. It is a pity.

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