Concern for Jorge Javier Vázquez after canceling his play due to 'illness'

Concern for Jorge Javier Vázquez after canceling his play due to ‘illness’

The renowned presenter has suffered a new health slump that has forced him to postpone his theatrical performances.

Jorge Javier Vazquez announced in a subtle way on television, as usual, that this past weekend he would present his play ‘Desmontando a Seneca’ in Logroño, more specifically at the Bretón Theater. That representation never took place and the two functions that the presenter had planned have been unexpectedly canceled.

Among the reasons would be “the indisposition by Jorge to be 100% on the tables, although many more details are not known about it. A small health pothole that the driver of ‘Save me’ has not yet spoken. The only thing that is known is that the hundreds of attendees to this event who already had their ticket purchased will be able to obtain a refund of it in a matter of days.

Jorge Javier Vazquez is always very happy and excited every time a new date of his successful theater tour takes place, so this time the cancellation of two of his performances they will have been a blow to him.

Although it is true that this is not the first time that for health reasons the presenter has been forced to postpone his work. Two years ago, the philologist was forced to cancel the ‘Grandes Éxitos’ tour due to the stroke he suffered, and from which luckily he managed to recover without any sequelae.

This indisposition leaves several questions in the air. And it is that, as everyone knows, every Thursday he is in charge of ‘Secret Story’, and it is unknown for the moment if the presenter will be in the best conditions to present it due to this unexpected health setback.

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