Discover 10 secrets you did not know about the Violet Summers that is all the rage on Instagram and has already exceeded 10 million fans

Violet Summers is a young model and influencer, who at just 21 years old has already surpassed the impressive sum of 10 million followers on her official Instagram account. More specifically, it is at 10.7 million and is rapidly approaching 11, as it does not stop growing.

Violet Summers was born on November 28, 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona, although she grew up in Texas. The West Coast native hasn’t made much reference and little is known about her upbringing and past. However, growing up, Violet was an active cheerleader and dancer and spent a lot of time outdoors.
Violet Summers

Violet Summers’ bold SnapChat

Long before becoming famous on Instagram and surpassing 10 million fans on that network, Violet Summers achieved her fame through videos on SnapChat, where she began her popularity due to the daring of her publications. Many of those videos were captured and today circulate on adult content networks.

The beginnings of Violet Summers

iolet Summers

Violet began her career as an adult film actress at an early age where she first got the exposure she needed to become popular on social media, now especially on Instagram, where since she opened her account, she has grown to have Over 10 Million Followers And Counting Violet Summers Is Inspired By Other Famous Influencers

To achieve the success that other models and influencers had that she admired, she knew she had to discover her own brand and set her own style. Who was she? How did you want to be seen by the world?

Well, she looked to Pinterest and other model Instagram accounts for inspiration. This helped her select her unique aesthetic and choose the most suitable looks. What stood out to him above all was the look of the girls in sneakers. 

Violet Summers’ inspirational muse

Shortly after browsing the networks, she began to follow Alexis Ren as a fan, who has almost 15 million followers on Instagram and is the co-founder of a brand called Future Prosperity, which aims to help the world detoxify from plastic.

As Violet scrolled through Alexis Ren’s Instagram feed , she came across a video of her wearing a pair of Air Jordan 1 sneakers. As she usually does, Alexis was very sexy, except this time while she was in a skateboards.

Violet Summers, more daring and in slippers

Seeing his idol in sneakers and in a very daring way gave him an idea. She thought that while it was an amazing idea for a photoshoot, she wanted to take things a step further. After all, to stand out today among the sea of ​​other models and influencers, she needed to be more daring and boy did she succeed.

The first thing she did was visit the stores that sold sneakers in the city and every time he visited a new city he would repeat the procedure. He wanted to make sure he had the perfect sneakers to create the best photoshoots. She was on a mission driven by a vision.

Violet Summers understood at that moment that the young and informal style that the sneakers gave her was going to be one of the key points of her career, added to the daring of her productions.

Violet Summers llega a Penthouse

Violet Summers

Violet was named Penthouse’s Pet of the Month for April 2020. The experience was one of her first big breakthroughs on social media for the adult film actress. It appeared in Penthouse Magazine the same year.

650 thousand followers on Violet Summers’ Twitter

Although it is a figure much lower than the number of fans it has on Instagram, the network of followers it has on the famous bird network is not negligible at all. And there Violet Summers has even more daring posts than she does on other networks, perhaps because Twitter is less rigorous in its publication policies. Anyway now Violet has arranged it in a private network, so if they want to follow it they will have to ask for her authorization. @violetsummerss is your Twitter user.

Violet Summers’ Instagram backup censored

Like many celebrities, Violet Summers also had a backup account, or backup, on Instagram, but it is no longer available due to the censorship that was imposed on her.

That has meant that in her official Instagram account, the intensity of her publications decreased a lot, showing herself in most of them with attractive looks but without exposing herself too much, so as not to risk losing that immense mass of fans who follow her.

Violet Summers’ private network

In addition to her free and open social media accounts, Violet Summers has, like many of the famous influencers, a subscription profile on a paid private network, in this case Nudiez.

To follow her there and see her most daring videos, you have to pay a monthly subscription of $ 25, and there are thousands that already do.

Violet Summers collector

Violet Summers

In each publication, Violet wears different models of sneakers, lingerie and bikinis, but it has also been shown on numerous occasions along with her collection of sneakers, which are much more than 100 pairs, and they continue to grow.

What began as a search for creative inspiration to curate her own style and appearance resulted in the wildly successful aesthetic that Violet is now known for. Millions of her fans are waiting to see what the next outfit she will make will be. For the latest from Violet Summers, follow her on Instagram here and prepare to be amazed! Do you already follow her on her networks?

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