Although Cynthia Klitbo has a solid professional career of more than 35 years and has become a respected first actress, her daughter Elisa Fernanda, although she made her acting debut, has not yet decided whether or not to follow in her mother’s footsteps. However, a close relative of the protagonist of the series Neighborhood Board also works in the histrionic world; It is about her niece De Ella Christel Klitbo, who has been in the artistic environment for years.

The young woman began as an actress in the play Aladdin when she was five years old. Her television debut was made by her, in 1989, in the telenovela Carrusel , alongside Gaby Rivero and Ludwika Paleta ; In said production she embodied a girl with a cheerful and playful character, but, at the same time, affectionate and quite sensitive, who was named Valeria Ferrer; She thus studied acting at CasAzul Performing Arts Argos.

She continued her histrionic work having a particular attraction to theatrical stages, where she has participated in the productions Bullyng rosa: cosa de Niñas and Sexo 2.0 , to mention just a few. Even during the pandemic, she dedicated herself to performing digital monologues.

In addition to developing as a singer, producer and writer, she studied jewelry. She also has another great passion and is a fitness coach. Thus, she likes to combine all her activities.

Although, he has made television programs in Mexico as Woman, cases of real life. Her professional path has led her to participate in international productions such as Fear the Walking Dead , Señorita Pólvora and La ladrona , among others; she has also made several short films.

Christel Klitbo also maintains a close relationship with her aunt Cynthia Klitbo, as both have shown by releasing images of their coexistence together.

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