Name: Robleis

Real Name: Tomas Arbillaga

Lives in: Andorra, Italy

Birthday: October 1, 1998

Twitch: robleis

Instagram Account: @robleis



Robleis is a native of the city of Olavarría, but currently lives in Andorra, Italy. In addition, he has millions of followers in his different social networks.

This Saturday, PH: Podemos Hablar (Telefe) will broadcast its second program after its return to the screen. Among its guests will be Robleis, an Argentine streamer, content creator and singer. Lizy Tagliani, Guido Pella, Vicky Xipolitaquis and Humberto Tortonese will also be there.

Tomás Arbillaga, better known as Robleis, was born on October 1, 1998, so he is 24 years old. He is a native of the city of Olavarría, province of Buenos Aires, but currently lives in Andorra, Italy.

How Robleis, the Argentinean streamer, started his career

He published his first video on YouTube in 2011, through his channel “mrtuco08″, where he used it exclusively to show his performance in the classic video game Counter Strike 1.6, which is played online.

After that he changed the direction of his channel and dedicated himself to humorous content, where he created Estrenate una risa and then released RobleisUTU, which remains active to this day. There he uploads his participation in games of all kinds. On the same platform, he has more than 18 million subscribers and has already accumulated more than 1,400 videos.

Not only that, but he also interacts with his fans on other social networks such as Instagram, where he has more than 5.5 million followers, as well as on Twitch. On X, ex Twitter, on the other hand, he has almost 3 million.

In 2021 he discovered one of his main passions: music, and that same year he released his first song titled “Dejalo Atrás”, produced by the renowned Big One, and currently totals more than 15 million plays. That same year he also released three other songs.

Robleis also made reference to the LGBTIQ+ community

In 2022 he decided to write a song about his sexual orientation, where he also made reference to the LGBTIQ+ community. And then he released a trilogy with “A Fuego y Llamada”. This year he won the Esland awards for song of the year and started working on his first album, where he took the opportunity to release other new songs.

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