Rocío Oliva is very active on social media and took advantage of the long holiday to answer a few questions for her hundreds of Instagram followers. Users had to complete the sentence “Is it true that …?” in her stories and she answered each open-hearted inquiry on different topics.

Six months after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, they asked her if she missed her former partner. “Obvious and a lot”, she replied next to a photo in which she is hugging him with great affection.

In addition, they asked her if she wanted to return to Dubai, where she lived for six years with the football legend. “Yes, I am thinking about it. I have many friends who live in Dubai and I would like to go for a while”, the young woman admitted.

“Would you like to be a mother?” was another question that was asked on the social network. The sportscaster replied: “Yeah right”. Although she assured that it was “difficult” to win her heart and pointed out that she would have no problem dating a person who was not famous.


The sports commentator responded with an open heart to each of her followers’ queries.

Regarding her new life, they asked her if she was calmer with having less exposure. “Chocha”, Oliva stated about her decision to have a low profile. In addition, she is taking advantage of the pandemic to stay at home and study a career in sports journalism from a distance. It has virtual classes from 18 to 22.

It should be remembered that Oliva was working as a panelist in C5N and in Controversy at the Bar, the cycle of America led by Mariano Iúdica for America.

Although she no longer participates in both channels, she recently had a strong fight with Horacio Cabak, member of the cycle produced by Gustavo Sofovich, when she was singled out as the third in contention in their scandalous separation from Veronica Soldato.

“I have nothing to do with Rocío Oliva, they are inventing anything,” shot the former model. And she remarked: “I’m not going to talk about my private life and I’m never going to talk, there comes a time when they are stupid about what is happening that I wonder ‘tomorrow what are they going to say?'”.

After her statements, Rocío called Mariano and spoke very angry about the situation that made her one of the protagonists of this story. “I’m not so good because the truth is that for me this is very ugly and very bad. I have absolutely nothing to do with this question. It seems to me that it is something that is throwing bad things for everyone. You are my colleagues, we work together for a long time and you know me, and I have always been respectful, but this case is beyond me and I do not understand why I am still involved in this problem” the young woman said angrily.

“I need and Horacio clarify it because what they say does not conform to me, they are shooting everywhere: yesterday Bethlehem, today Rocío. It seems to me that he has to put what he has to put and tell the woman with whom he cheated on her like this stop dirtying the other women because if not every day she will be a different woman and I don’t have to eat this garrón”, she continued before the surprise face of astonishment at her sayings by Horacio Cabak.

“I have had my partner for a long time, so I can’t fight with my boyfriend and be upset about something that doesn’t exist. It is crazy and an aberration, it is very ugly of what I am being accused of. Let him give his wife a name and that’s it because he’s dirtying a lot of people, this is hurting me a lot”, she reiterated. “I don’t deserve someone to question whether I was with him or not, this is bad for me,” concluded Oliva, very anguished.

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