What Isabel Celaá will ask the Pope

What Isabel Celaá will ask the Pope

Isabel Celaá will be the new ambassador of Spain in the Vatican. Viperine languages ​​say that to reward her great work as Minister of Education that, among other things, the subject of Religion was loaded.

Come on, go to Rome and explain it to Francisco, she now gloats over Moncloa, because from time to time Pedro also has her pinches of humor. The president must have thought, not without recollection, that, at 72 years old, Celaá lives the ideal moment to do spiritual exercises, general confession as Ignacio de Loyola (she is Basque) and a serious recapitulation of her life.

She could have sent her to Kathmandu to find herself, but this would have been a low blow: when you don’t have your face and the kind of Charlize Theron, for example, such encounters are inadvisable, and even more so without a magic mirror. She has experience: she met herself once and ran away.

They say that the ambassador has already prepared her speech. First, you are going to propose to the Pope Francisco that one can go from purgatory to heaven with four failures in repentance and without singing the mea culpa.

That the Ten Commandments remain in six and with an addition to the sixth: “Only yes is yes.” May the blessing “urbi et orbi” also be given in Catalan, Basque and Galician.

In addition, they will be interested, they say, in the possibility of bringing the Democratic Memory to the Bible so that Genesis eliminates the vaunted guilt of Eve in our expulsion from Paradise for succumbing to the temptation of Satan and biting the apple.

“Could we not leave everything in satanic harassment, Holy Father? Minister Irene Montero has asked me to do so”, she will say.

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