Imanol Landeta was, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, one of the most recognized child and youth actors in Mexico, as his appearances in Sesame Street and movies like Last call began to make their way into the world of acting.

Over time he made a name for himself and participated in the famous soap opera Class 406. At the same time, his career as a singer was beginning to take off with his album Imanol, which was released in 1997. After this, it produced six more until 2007.

Nevertheless, his career began to fall around 2010, because his image was no longer so recurrent on Mexican television. His last role was in the soap opera Love without reservation from 2015, when he played Julián Cisneros.

Not much has been known about him for almost seven years, as his social networks are disabled. To end the speculation, the former singer and former actor was with Gustavo Adolfo Infante on his program The minute my destiny changed, in which revealed the reason why he walked away from the spotlight.

The young actor participated in soap operas, movies and children's programs.

The young actor participated in soap operas, movies and children’s programs.

According to his statements, he assured that his baldness was the main reason why he decided to leave acting, because with his “new” appearance, he did not fit the Mexican standards of being a “soap opera heartthrob.”

It is one of the factors because the Mexican stereotype of the soap opera gallant is not my stereotype at all. So, in that awareness and with the complications of the competition itself in the acting environment for the characters, I am moving through other areas”, highlighted the son of Manuel Landeta.

He mentioned that his baldness problem began to appear at an early age, when he was 14 years old, a situation that bothered him greatly. However, it was until the age of 22 when it began to be more evident and he had to come up with some plans to hide it.

“I started to look bald at 14 years old. He’s off the hook! I touched my hair with my hands and hair would come out, and my dad said: ‘This has already started’. At 22, 23 years old I could already see the canvas and we had to juggle so that it seemed that I still had a large bush. What are you doing against genetics?” Said the former singer.

Imanol Landeta is currently in business.

Imanol Landeta is currently in business.

He later said that his father always pressures him to shave his head and keep it clean, a situation that no longer bothers him as before, because “it is what it is, you have to love yourself.” However, he noted that would you like to clone your hair to find out if it is possible to have the hair that characterized him during his youth.

“Have a few clone me back. They have done the transplant, but the cloning. I think it exists, but commercially it is not in the world”, he declared.

Finally, because his return to the cameras is not seen close, he expressed that at the moment his role is that of business, where he has stood out for following examples as he did when he started in the world of acting, since his goal, in both worlds, was always “to have an impact on people”.

“I have my role models in the business world as well as in the artistic world, when they asked me ‘What does acting mean to you?’, I said it was give people a different moment in their life, I wanted to do something else that would also have an impact on people’s lives”, Imanol concluded.

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