Again in the controversy and now perhaps because of the Internet users themselves. During a live on Instagram that the well-known Mexican singer-songwriter Ana Gabriel performed, a follower first asked her about the possible musical collaboration with Karol G and then another asked her if she would be willing to sing with Yailin La Más Viral , current wife of Anuel AA , who In turn, he is the ex-boyfriend of the “Bichota”. The response of the “Diva de América” ​​ignited the controversy. Why? Now we explain to you.

The Guamúchil interpreter was responding to the concerns of her fans through a “live” on her Instagram account, it was in this context that she was asked if she would finally sing with Karol G in a new production that she has been working on . Colombian artist.

“I am so busy and she is in such a hurry to deliver her project that it will not be possible (sing together). From this video she sent all the luck in the world to her, who already has it, right? And thank you infinitely for the invitation , “answered Ana Gabriel.


Seconds later, another user asked him about Yailin La Más Viral, if she would be ready to record a song with the current wife of Anuel AA. Ana Gabriel ‘s response ended up generating a stir and sparked controversy on social networks.

“When are you going to record with Yailin…?” , the 66-year-old composer read. “I don’t know who Yailin is… I don’t know who she is ,” the singer-songwriter added.

Immediately on networks, users viralized the response of the Mexican celebs and more than one commented that it was a way of mocking the talent of the Dominican artist.

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