Was it inspired by Natalia Oreiro? María Becerra changed her look and her fans compared her to the actress

Was it inspired by Natalia Oreiro? María Becerra changed her look and her fans compared her to the actress

María Becerra premiered a change of look and shared it with her followers. The singer uploaded the before and after of her hair to TikTok and received praise from many users, but also comparisons from others. And it is that the new hairstyle of the interpreter of “Ojalá” recalls the same one that another Argentine artist wore in the video clip of the song that gave her second album its name.

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It was in 2000 when Natalia Oreiro released “Tu Veneno”, her second album as a singer. At that time, the Uruguayan actress wore a hairstyle that was practically the same as the one that Becerra showed this week . So users of social networks could not avoid the comparison. Was she really inspired by the look of Xuxa’s former “Paquita” for her change?

María Becerra showed her change of look and was compared to Natalia Oreiro

“She painted a change,” the singer commented in her publication, along with the image that showed the change of look. Her straight bangs disappeared with a touch of hands and drifted into a point in the center of the forehead made up of her dark hair . Despite the fact that more than two decades have passed, users remembered the look of the singer of “Your poison”.

“How is it possible that everything looks good on you?”, “It reminds me of Natalia Oreiro, in a video clip she made years ago” or “María Becerra is very Natalia Oreiro vibes ” , are some comments published by the artists’ followers in social networks.

Others also took advantage of the moment to make the occasional joke, as always happens. This is the case of @ fedeandrara1905, who pointed out ex-soccer player Ricardo Bochini as a pioneer of the hairstyle .

Physical change

“The girl from Argentina”, as Becerra calls herself, revealed a few weeks ago through her Instagram account that in her adolescence she had problems related to the perception of her body . From the beginning of her jump to the public stage, the singer made visible the bullying she suffered, in addition to other social issues.

Becerra shared a comparative photo , in which the muscular change in her body could be seen before and after a physical routine that she followed. She also showed some exercises that she does in her training, with which she achieved the goal that she had been looking for for some time, according to the singer, who has been training for six months.

In addition, she said that she managed to modify the area of ​​​​the arms and back, where she notices the most toned muscles . And not only did she achieve a physical change, but also an emotional one. And it is that she affirmed that this impact on her body leads him to motivate himself to train, despite the fact that her hectic life with trips and tours makes the task more difficult for him.

“I am very happy, I congratulate myself. I am proud ”, The 22-year-old expressed with a smile, in front of her Instagram followers. Such were her insecurities that her bullying generated , that the singer went so far as to ask that certain audiovisual content that she recorded for her songs not be published. “ I looked horrible with very skinny legs . I have had a bad time with prejudice towards myself, with how I saw myself in the mirror, with comments I received, especially as a girl, “she said. And she detailed: “I was always super skinny and it was very difficult for me to increase muscle mass and gain weight . I always weighed between 41 and 43 kilos”.

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