Wanda Nara Went Viral on the Networks, Uploading a Photo With Amazing Outfit

Wanda Nara Went Viral on the Networks, Uploading a Photo With Amazing Outfit

Not everything related to Wanda Nara has to do with the Wandagate case. It happens that, in the celebration of her 35th birthday in Paris, before arriving in Argentina, the young woman wore a dress very similar to that of a classic episode of the series The Simpsons. The followers of the driver did not wait and automatically began to upload memes about the garment she used.

Wanda Nara

In her networks, the eldest of the Nara wrote: My Happy Birthday. I can’t be more grateful to life for so much. I am aware that with 35 years I have a lot. But I also have many more dreams to achieve but I have the most important and valuable thing on this table. Thank you also for so much love.

In the publications, she is seen with several photos of her celebration at a food place with Icardi and her children Benedict , Valentino , Constantino , Francesca and Isabella . On the other hand, what most caught the attention of her fans was her outfit as she used a short pink Chanel dress. It was long-sleeved, with gold buttons and black trim.

This outfit is almost identical to the one Marge Simpson wore in an episode of The Simpsons. In order to always be in fashion, the character would modify the design anyway. That which became known as her “multi-purpose Chanel.” Last week the Icardi celebrated Isabella’s birthday and among the guests was Antonela Roccuzzo , Messi’s partner . For now, away from the controversy with China Suárez , Wanda is seen happy in Argentina and with her family.

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